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  1. OK OK OK .....everyone CALM DOWN....a few quick reminders.. 1- a few years back with santos we lost our first three games and we ended up 3 or 4 points behind the gavrous 2- we change coaches more often then i change my underwear( and even though i dont change it very often...it still says something about our coaching situation) 3- REAL MADRID LOST 2 GAMES so far....we lost 1. 4- does it really matter how well anyone does in the greek league if our teams dont amass points in europe....pretty soon itll only be olympiacos who sends a team there. 5- we played 6 games so far and we star
  2. why cant everybody just get along...if the stream is free, people will watch..if it costs money...many wont but maybe sum will....does it really matter who profits....i been on this site for weeks and i watched 3 or 4 games so far and m very much appreciating all that...i probably wouldnt pay for a pao-ionikos game if it cost something but seeing as how it was free i did watch....does that make me a moocher..i doubt it since it was being offered as a free service.....i MAYBE would pay for a european gamelike a cl or a uefa MAYBE...however i could just as easily go to the local kaffenio to d
  3. does anyone know where i can get the live stream on the net of the champions league draw on thursday? thank you
  4. the truth of the matter is this.... yes we lost in wisla..yes we lost 3-1 gekas did miss a great chance and they did score on the counter attack...we could have easily made it 3-2 or maybe would have had it at 2-2...but the facts remain the same..... we need to win by two goals without allowing more then one... can it be done? of course... im not comfrtable with our defense but at OAKA its a different game... the ball however is a whore and it does go wherever it wants to go... i see a 2 or 3 -0 game but with soccer...you never know... either way...in the first leg...wisla had 3 ch
  5. Just in case anyone out there does not have ERT sat for todays game....you can always go to www.wwitv.com and there is a link there under GREECE and u can watch ert sat online with a live stream... i cant say for sure that we will win today but i sure as hell hope we do..otherwise all the gavri are gonna mock us and the game in PAOK last year where we tied 1-1 will hurt us even more....2-0 IS DOABLE GO PANATHA panatha, 8riskia,8yra dekatria
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