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  1. Bosnia have made their first of 3 changes. The last two changes will kill at least 3 minutes of time.
  2. It's not just the front players. It's the whole team. They go for size over skill. They need a proper mix.
  3. That was a questionable red card. It may have had something to do with the timing of the play. It just happened after a Greece goal and the ref must of been looking for some bad tackles. Either way....it's a break for Greece.
  4. lack of skill showing. Greece had the ball just outside the BH 18 yard box and three passes later they have given it back to the Greek keeper. WTF!
  5. Good first half for B and H. They have a plan and they executed. Greece show up when they realize that it could be a blow out. Need to put some subs in the 2nd half and generate a goal. Bosnia could become a bit more timid if Greece gets it to one goal but I'm not holding my breathe.
  6. Finally a good effort with Donis almost getting the cross. Maybe Bosnia took their foot off the gas but Greece has to get the next one ..
  7. Completely outclassed. Even when Greece gets a chance one of their so called best players shoots from the 6 yard box and misses above the net by about 6 yards. Pathetic. No way you miss hit that one. Is Greece just above a minnow now? 2-0 B and H and almost got a 3rd and it's only the 28th minute. Hard to watch. When is Greece going to add some skill to this team.
  8. Final score aside, I want to see Greece play well. Sometimes you play great and still get unlucky. I have not seen Greece too many good games of late. It's time to step up their game and show that they belong. It's a long tournament.
  9. Sokratis has to play in the Bosnia game. His presence is a plus. Greece needs to keep the ball moving on offense. If Mitro is not 100 percent then he should sit. No point in playing for 10 minutes then coming off. If I recall this has happened before. Good luck to Greece in Game 2.
  10. Good one. I missed that one completely. My point is that Greece need to score in other ways than the long ball. This is game one in the Group. It's a good start but they have to perform better against Bosnia. They won't be letting Greece waltz through the middle.
  11. Glad to see that Greece got that insurance goal. Greece 2- LIE 0 Question for anyone. How do you stop Greece from scoring? You get one answer but I bet it will be the right one.
  12. Okay, team is finally having some sustained pressure. Keep this up guys, another one is bound to go in.
  13. Agreed. Need to show other teams that Greece can be a real threat in the offensive end. Can't have all goals on set plays and long balls.
  14. May I also suggest that as the team gets close to the LIE box that they pass to the team in white. Too many passes missed guys by a lot.
  15. Good thing for that extra minute. 1-0 Greece at half. Still the team had to score on the long ball. Want to see two more goals in the 2nd half that include some short skill type passes deep in the LIE end. Greece is playing a minnow, not a top 10 ranked team.
  16. The lack of skill , the lack of finish really is showing on this team. Where are the Gekas type players who had a way of putting goals in when he got in the box. The players seem to panic when a chance comes up. Just now a player shot right away when the defenceman went down too early. He could have controlled the ball, moved it to the right a few feet and then blast it. Instead it goes high and wide. Chances are starting to come but need to finish some of these.
  17. I want to see Greece try to get an early goal instead of staying back and going through the motions for the first 15 minutes. Don't let this team breathe. End it early and take out your key players during the 2nd half.
  18. Great win for Tsitsipas. Many in the tennis world predicted that Tsitsipas was ready to take the next step and beating an all time great shows that. Men's tennis is very difficult to win each round. So much depth. How he handles this win in a big tournament will be interesting to watch. He now plays R.B. Agut (#22) who beat the number 6 seed Cilic. Tsitsipas (#14) should be a slight favourite and a win puts him in the semi-finals probably against Nadal. Unlike many tennis players, Tsitsipas has a game worth watching (like Feds and Nadal). Many of the new players are just huge guys with big serves. Good luck to him the rest of the way. Greeks around the world will be watching.
  19. Just a general comment from reading this thread. I don't believe that DEFEND, DEFEND, AND DEFEND more is the only way for Greece to be good again. Sure that's the way they played in general in 2004 but they had talent that could create chances and could score when required. It was the perfect storm and good job on the guys to get it done. Now, however, the game throughout the world has been about ball control and attack. I thought that Greece could elevate it's game over time but instead it has been resting on it's laurels from 2004. I've seen lesser name countries like Iceland play an attacking game against teams with much more talent. Sure you can still play defensive when required but you can't have a mentality of wanting to win every game 1-0 when you are playing the minnows. There has to be a balance that is achievable. So I don't want Greece to sit back from the start of each game. They need to select the players who can do that and it's been mentioned 1000 times that certain are left off the team when they shouldn't. Get more speed. Get more youth. Get more desire. Can it be done. Who knows but lately it has not worked out. The Euro group gives Greece a chance but if they think they can get through playing 0-0 with most of the teams then they might was well just book their vacation now.
  20. Greece can take the win on the road but they have to shed their 1-0 type game thought process. Estonia could have easily tied it. Both teams missed chances but Greece has to learn to put these teams away. In the last world cup most teams are playing for goals instead of defense only. I suspect that any future rule changes will be to promote more of this type of play. Greece needs to get with it and be part of the fun.
  21. Don't expect any help from the Refs. They work for FIFA who kicked out Manolas just before the 1st game. Yet another free kick for Croatia. Croats had 2 chances to Greece's 1 chance so far. It doesn't look good. Need a goal before half.
  22. Well I missed the game but just saw the highlights posted above. Two absolutely horrible mistakes on the 1st and last goals. The 2nd goal was something that the keeper should have stopped. There was another chance for Croatia where they should have scored. Greece did have a few chances and needed that 2nd goal. Not impossible but highly unlikely to get a 3-0 win in Athens. At least there is no reason not to go for a more offensive minded lineup. 4-1 or 7-1 doesn't matter at this point. If Skibbe puts in a defensive side then it is time for him to go.
  23. Sokratis should respond to this by saying...."he's absolutely right and we'll see him at game time" Make the guy think a bit.
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