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Webpages of D Divison Clubs


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Several teams of the D' Division or their fans have web pages. Here are some that I found.


Web page of Aiolokos Mytilinis fans. Updated regularly.


Unofficial webpage of the historic club. Updated regularly


Web page of Lamias fans. Updated regularly.


Web page of Panaigialios Fans. Updated regularly.


Webpage of Pandramaikos fans. Updated regularly


Web page of Panargeiakos fans. Updated regularly


Web page of AO Trikala Athens Fans. Inconsistent updates.


Web page of A.O. Myriki Evritanias. Uptaded regularly

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Thanks Vagger and Aiolikos.

I read Greek but my vocabulary is equal to that of a primary school student. Conversational I am OK.

I keep relatively informed of the Greek league, but my ancestory is from Rodos. I don't favour one club more than another but an old friend of mine from many years ago played for PAO and is now the assistant coach so I keep up to date with that club a little bit more.



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