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  1. From Zakynthos Mahairado has been promoted to the D Division.
  2. Monday's Sportime had a good article on the friction at the Zakynthos club. It seems the President has had enough of respectable finishes in the league (a great 3rd this season, the best finish for a long time). He wants to finish first next season and if they don't, he's resigning. Added to that, the coach's position is under threat, while the club are looking to pick up 3 experienced players to strengthen the backbone of the team. Interesting times ahead. Also, I wanted to ask does anyone know the colours that Zakynthos wear? I've seen a picture from 15 years ago that has them wearing blue and yellow. Do they still wear those colours? PS My father's village, Mahairado (also from Zakynthos), will be competing in D division next year. Hopefully, they'll do better than last time when they came up and went straight down. John
  3. Many thanks for that Vaggar :D . I'll try and track them down.
  4. Hi Vaggar Thanks for the reply. I've been looking pretty hard without much success. John
  5. Hi Vaggar Thanks for that. What newspapers would you recommend? My local Greek shop imports papers from Greece so I might be able to get them in. Cheers John
  6. Hi Vaggar Thanks for the list. Where did you get all the results? Are they available in Greek newspapers or on the web? I'm really interested in results from Zakynthos. All the best John
  7. Hi Vaggar Do you know any website that deals with teams from Zakynthos? Thanks John
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