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  1. The PAO sports club on Pape just north of Mortimer will have it.
  2. Not exactly true. If you have digital cable, you will be able to watch Champions League matches live on Tuesday and Wednesday, on TSN2.
  3. Setanta Sports Canada will carry it live: http://www.setantanorthamerica.com/TVSched...VSchedules.aspx
  4. The match will be live via web streaming on www.bet365.com. Registration is free, but I don't know if you have to put in a few dollars to access the stream.
  5. I also received the same email from JumpTV. Actually, they provided me a free all access day pass when I only bought the Greece-Turkey game on demand previously. The reception this time for all the games I tried was very good.Asteri, you mentioned that there was no audio for you. Do you mean no commentary, because there wasn't any for Malta-Greece. But the audio reception I got was fine.
  6. I purchased Greece-Turkey on Demand and it was the same experience. The first 20 minutes were cut off and throughout the match there was frequent breaking and freezing of the picture.The saving grace I see for Jump TV is that it is their first time (I believe) streaming matches so hopefully they'll improve.
  7. For those in North America who are interested, Fox Soccer Channel and Fox Sportsworld Canada will be televising the match between Greece's rivals, Norway- Bosnia, on tape delay, 4:30pm EST on Saturday. Hopefully Bosnia will be able to take a point or three from Norway.
  8. Please tell us what you think once you watch the games.I will be purchasing the Greece-Turkey on Demand since I won't be able ot watch it live. JumpTV reps have informed me the match will be available on demand within 2 hours after it ends...
  9. Jumptv.com will also be broadcasting Greece-Turkey (as well as other matches) online. Jump TV Edit: I realize gavalas and I essentially talking about the same website. I don't know about the quality, gavalas, but I do remember reading a press release a few months ago stating JumpTV and SportFive had purchased the internet rights to the Euro qualifiers. So I presume it's all legal, if that's any help... :D
  10. MikeS


    For those that are interested, Tam Nsaliwa's history with the Canadian MNT:http://www.canadasoccer.com/eng/nationals/...sp?id=103⊂=2
  11. I'm at the other end, section 110.
  12. Yeah, Montreal (and Vancouver) deserve a club as well and I hope they get one in the near future.But don't associate Toronto's appreciation for soccer with Lynx attendance. If the Impact were owned by the people who run the Lynx, they wouldn't draw flies either. Anyway, I have bought season tickets for Toronto FC and look forward to the new season.
  13. According to ERT's website, OFSP-PAO will be televised live at 12:00pm EST, while Ariis-AEK will be televised on tape delay at 7:20pm EST...
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