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  1. Regarding the Olympics, only Spain has qualified automatically for Beijing. Greece will need to finish in the top two in Eurobasket next year to qualify. If they finish between third and fifth, they will take part in a wild card tournament with seven other nations for three spots. (Of course, if Spain finishes ahead of Greece in Eurobasket 2007, it won't count.)
  2. When I wrote that Spain plays as a team, I meant as a comparison to the US. I know what Greece can do. ;)
  3. Yes we should worry. Spain is stacked AND plays as a team. It's going to be a great match...both teams desrve to win this tournament.
  4. Here's a a nice little write-up from a writer who doesn't think it was such a big upset. Toronto Star
  5. I'd rather see a healthy Gasol play on Sunday. A Greek victory would then be sweeter.
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