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  1. Thank you. Good site.
  2. Where can I find information on as many football clubs in Rhodes? Is there Rhodes online newspaper in english? Who knows where I can obtain old footage of the combined club from Rhodes that played in the 1st division in the 80's? tt
  3. Is there anybody here that may have footage of the combined Rhodes division 1 games from the 80's on dvd? Does anybody know where Digaoras and Rhodos AS merchandise can be purchased? tt
  4. u wanna talk pushing how about the penalty aek was clearly denied had they given it u guys would have been in the uefa anyways we won it and thats all that matters cry all u want.. u guys had a million chances to win it alla as usual you failed! pio cry re...? eisa treloa? I said we lost it because we couldn't beat Aris and Iraklis at home and that's that. re you need to read better :P To be fair ... you need to read your own post better. You called it a 'fake' championship.
  5. Thanks Irlandos. I didn't know this information. I must say it has confused me a little. I remember seeing a Rodos side in the A Division around the late 80's, playing in a Red and Gold striped jersey ... according to one fellow this is when AC Rodos (Green/White) merged with Diagoras (Blue/Red) to play in the A Division ... I was just wanting to finally ease my curiosity. Thanks for translating.
  6. Well the information can be found on www.rodosfc.gr or www.diagoras.gr I struggle to read Greek, so I need it translated. It would be nice if somebody enlightened me to what it says generally. Diagoras is Blue and Red.
  7. Some time ago, Diagoras Rodos and AC Rodos merged to enter the Greek 1st Division. Can anybody tell me when it occurred, how long were they merged for, what name they used and colours??
  8. Does any PAO fan know what's happened to Lou Hristodoulou (I think you guys know him as Louis Christodoulou (from Australia))?
  9. What's happened to Lou Hristodoulou ... is he still PAO's assistant?
  10. I didn't want to start a new thread just to ask this question, so asking it here. Is Lou Hristodoulou still the assistant coach at PAO? If not, where has he gone and why?
  11. Yes I appreciate it.I didn't stock up on jerseys last time I was in Greece.
  12. I agree with you Vasillios. How well the mind is prepared does make a difference ... the player's attitude stems from the coach's and club's attitude. A comment like Stoltidis' wouldn't be the belief at many other top European clubs if in similar circumstances. I'm not able to see many Greek clubs and the national team play, but over the years it appears to me that the mental application and belief seems to be lacking in Greek teams outside of the domestic league. Euro 2004 is an example of how competitive Greek soccer can be if discipline, belief, and mental preparation is at a high level. I live in a multicultural country, and it's tiring to hear the disrespectful comments from football other non-Greek people about Greek team performances in European competitions ... they do not fear their Italian, German, English clubs drawing against Greek clubs. Its hard to change habits, particularly when Greek clubs have been falling short for decades, but with a recent Euro Cup win, this is the time for Greek soccer and Greek clubs to stop being satisfied with cameo appearances in these competitions. Olympiakos is a proud club domestically, but it doesn't do itself justice by being inferior on the European stage and accepting big losses. Olympiakos cannot boast too loudly about its dominance in Greece, because the best is the Champions League and that is where you need to be successful as well. Don't misunderstand me, I want to see Greek soccer get better and succeed.
  13. I was only able to find the Olympiakos Exclusives store in Patra. I'am sure they'll have no problem filling an order for you, if not just ask for a number to any Athens location.
  14. Thanks for the tips. A friend purchased a PAOK jersey from sportsarena and ordered a name and number. The name and numbering was unprofessionally done ... it was bizarre style, totally wrong and ugly looking. It was also a replica but advertised and sold as an authentic jersey at the highest price. No way will I buy from them. I think telephoning a store in Athens is a good idea, can anybody give me details to a store or two?
  15. From the website of Olympiakos.org , I cannot link through to the e-shop (boutique). It also doesn't allow me to register for the email newsletter. Anybody else have the same problems? I have emailed them a few times, but get no responses, is this usual? Just generally, the authentic Greek national jerseys and Olympiakos jerseys, where are they made?
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