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Stamatia Skarvelis won gold with an astonishing throw of 71.33, which she became the 3rd Greek athlete to go to Doha achieving the standard entry. She the 2nd behind Stellana Papadopoulou all-time in the women's hammer throw for Greece. 

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The good old Golden Spike track meet in Ostrava. Used to attend this meet every year as a youngster when I was growing up in Ostrava. I have seen some very famous world athletes competing at this meet

Miltos Tentoglou tied Louis Tsatoumas's Greek National Indoor Record in the men's long jump today at the Madrid Open (8.23 m). 

She is in the process of getting Greek citizenship so she can compete for Greece. One of the biggest talents in Greek track & field.

Greece got 14 medals at the 2019 Balkan Championships (6 gold, 6 silver, 2 bronze) 

Gold - Emmanuel Karalis - 5.66  CR 
Gold - Elisavet Pesiridou - 13.11  SB
Gold - Stamatia Skarveli - 71.33 PB 
Gold - Irini Vasiliou - 51.75  PB
Gold - Paraskevi Papachristou - 14.24  
Gold - Christos Frantzeskakis - 76.67  PB 
Silver - Mihail Anastasakis - 75.32  
Silver - Theodoros Chrysanthopoulos - 5.45 
Silver - Miltos Tentoglou - 7.88
Silver - Efi Kolokytha - 6.41
Silver - Eleni Claudia Polak - 4.28
Silver  - Isavela Kotsachili - 10:37.53 PB 
Bronze - Rafaela Spanoudaki-Chatziriga - 23.16 PB 
Bronze - Christos Kotitsas - 1:50.48

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Today in Nikiti, Greece at the Sithonia Meeting, we got the results for the top Greek athletes 

Anagnostopulou - 1st place (58.49) 
N. Skarvelis - 2nd place (20.30) 
S. Skarveli - 3rd place (67.91)
Anastasakis - 
Frantzeskakis - 

Today is officially the final day for qualifications from the IAAF Entry Standard. 
Nikolaos Skarvelis could compete in Doha as a potential wild card, but we will wait and see. 

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Three medals for Greece in the 25th Balkan Indoor Championships at Istanbul, Turkey.

Gold - Konstantinos Zikos 6.66 s

Silver - Theodoros Chrysanthopoulos 5.40 m

Silver - Elisavet Peseridou 8.20 s




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11 Greek athletes will take part in the 2021 European Throwing Cup in Split, Croatia (May 8-9). 

Shot Put : Odysseus Mouzenidis, Tasos Latiflari 
Discus Throw : Iasonas Thanopoulos 
Hammer Throw : Christos Frantzeskakis 
Javelin Throw : Georgios Christakakos

Discus Throw : Chrisoula Anagnostopoulou, Sofia Kessidi
Hammer Throw : Iliana Korosidou, Stavroula Kosmidou
Javelin Throw : Elina Tzengko, Melpomeni Grigoriadou

Mihail Anastasakis will not take part in the event due to personal reasons. He won silver at the 2019 European Throwing Cup in Samorin, Slovakia

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