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What is next for our club


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this topic is needed because we have obviously saw what came today.

a terrible lost that showed alot of weakness for Olympiakos

the question that needs to be raised is the age factor

we are getting old as a team the experience we tried to use as an advantage hasn't worked in C.L.

Giovanni and Georgadis need to go period

Georgadis just looked horrible today Gio wasn't much better

Rivaldo, Djordjevic, Nikopolidis, Schurrer and Anatolakis they have at most 2 years left.

we need to get the young talent in

Bajevic i was praising when he came back to the club but he became a big time choker today

i mean i may be very angry today but he must stay with the club

in all honesty before the season started ppl had us being last place in the group

we did beat up expectations but it just wasn't good enough

i am not saying to start clearing house but we need to start getting the future ready to take over

we got a few young players taht i know of are good Castillo, Maric, Rezic, Giannou, and Mendrinos. thats wut i know off but we need a lot more

anywayz the ppl that are posting here just make comments on wut kinda of changes are needed. i don't want any stupid comments be objective

now lets move back to the Greek league and UEFA

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We needed Castillo on today and okkas straight after half time. Some bad coaching decisions plus to bring young serb defender with no european experience on at a VERY CRUCIAL time.

Rivaldo is a great player but not for a full game and Giovanni is FINISHED, he should of gone years ago. We need to concentrate on rebuilding and getting some good young greek talent and go for a serious Champions League Campaign in a few years instead of buying and/or holding older players. We need well in a hard group but there is GREAT room for improvement which is a good thing.

UEFA CUP- we have to make quaterfinals.

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Hey Guys I agree with what you have to say...

but come on we didnt use giovanni to his strengths.

we cannot blame rivaldo and giovanni,

i blame the tactics......

giovanni's strengths are in the air and the ball to his feet, with an attacking team, with overlapping wingers making crosses and opening up defenses.

cmon who did that today....

giovanni was nothing but the wrong player in the wrong type of play.

i do know that okkas and castillo and even maric were the players olympiacos needed in the second half as we were playing the long ball game to giovanni the slowest striker in europe, but one of teh most skillful dont forget.... :box:

the best form of defense is attack, and all we did was sit back and wait..

I tell you what pisses me off with olympiacos these years, its, sitting back and counting down the clock, even at 1-0

they are the kings at this game...

even in greece, im sorry but bajevic is too blame, and im one of his greatest fans,, but he has to step up, have abit of balls and control his team the way he wants it to be played.

what do you guys think????? :gr:

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the stuff about getting young talents sounds fine to me, but how do you want to get them into the team when your academies dont work fine. i mean how many players of our academies have been promoted to the first team the last few years? i cant remember any player that made it to be at least a regular sub.

look at ajax! they make most of their money by selling their young talents year after year.

as soon as we have a talent in our youth team our people react too slow and we lose them because other teams sign them. something like that happened this year with one of the young players we had and he left and got signed by a french team. all that stuff about building up good facilities to train our youth hasnt brought us a single player worth to play in the first team.

it is good to get some young players but for gods sake put one eye in the search for them on greece too. rezic, maric, dacol. i never heard of them before and except maric i havent seen them in action yet and making a good game. unfortunatel bajevic had to throw rezic in the cold waters yesterday because venetidis got injured. i think if he wouldnt have had to make that change our defense would have been better and probably we would have made it through.

it is necessary to have some older expirienced players in the team but if we continue like this it wont do us any good. in the end we will have zidane, beckham, figo etc in our team but the average of age will be something like 45.

we have to get young talents and they have get chances in league matches against the so called weak teams. make a rotation and like that some of the key players get the chance to take a rest and the young players get some expirience.

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youth youth and more youth...its not that you really need kids that are 18 years old, but having a solid lineup with ages around the mid twenties instead of the early to mid 30s....that hit you yesterday...your players seemed taken out by a more exuberant liverpool side...which is also what hit you against monaco..now experience is a great thing..but whats the point of having a whole team of experieced aged players?? you need to balance it out...in my eyes...the first to be out is giovanni...im sorry but he is looking done...he has done absolutly nothing in europe this year and only seems to prosper against the smaller greek clubs...mb keep him on the bench?? but you defnitly need a new striker...djordevic has not much left in him and the same goes to georgatos, schurrer, rivaldo(who has alittle more then the rest) and anatolakis...the problem is (which is alot of problems that clubs have) is that they are looking too near into the future...they are lookng for half or mb one season answers..not 2 year or 3 year answers..oly have their youngster, BUT WHY DONT THEY GET USED??? a great example TARALIDIS...this kid can be fantastic, but not if his ass is on the bench...oly need acouple mid 20 solid players and afew youths...no more of these washed up aged players...and if bajevic is gunna play the aged players, then why does he put them in for the full 90?...these players are gunna get tired out and i see it being tough for oly late in the season because once players get fatigued, they get injured more easily...i think anatolakis, giovanni, georgatos, georgiadis,djorgevic, possibly rivaldo and possibly schurrer should hit the sack soon...

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lets be realistic pao123: these r the players u think should go but how many will actually go?

anatolakis - i can see him going at the end of the year

giovanni - I also see him going However i dnt think Rivaldo will b happy and might have something to say or influence the board to keep him

georgatos - i reckon they will keep him atleast one more season

georgiadis - 1 more season mayb

djorgevic - 1 more season if not 2, his the face of oly for years now rivaldo - 2 more seasons, REMEMBER ITS THE ALL MIGHTY RIVALDO!! however if giovanni gets the sack i wouldnt b suprised if he left..

schurrer - 2 seasons as well!






Rivaldo (coz of giovanni leaving)

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everybody saying some good s%$#!

u are right about giovanni i mean that the only reason we should keep him is of rivaldo

look if we keep giovanni thats fine with me but he needs to play a smaller role or a role that goes to his abilities

Djordjvic still got 2 good years left in him

Rivaldo the same

Georgatos isn't a problem b/c he doesn't start good off the bench

Georgadis is done for sure doesn't have it anymore

schurrer and anatolakis were suprisingly good together can't blame them for anything i mean they can do so much vs a team that just had the ball constantly

that pairing will be here for next season as well

look when i brought it topic up yesterday it was more looking at the future in 2 years

for next season this will be the same team maybe a couple of changes

this team is a good team but we saw alot of weaknesses especially up front at the striking position i mean if we keep this team for the most part and get a couple of strikers (true stirkers then this team can do good things).

look at the landscape Olympiakos as an advantage

the balkans i mean who are the two best clubs in the balkans Olympiakos and Panathiniakos

our league is stronger then any other b/c we get up to 6 teams in european level competition

i mean there are a bunch of countries that Olympiakos club should be attracting young players

Plus with our affiliation of brazilian players we should be getting them too

i know that the big european clubs have those type of connections but they can't get everybody

Olympiakos needs to do this

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What is next for your club you ask? Well lets look forward to the uefa cup. Get ready for a heavy can of woopass to be unleashed on you in the first leg of whoever you play because both Shurrer and Anatolakis are suspended for it. ;)

your are right about shurrer and antolakis but it mite be a blessing disguise get some other players in there like rezic, vallas and taralidis ( is the young player or toulaveris)

u also got to say something dumb like that

have fun with a tema like auxerre while your at it

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