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  1. Ahaha nai re i should stop posting so we can have ur m*****es on here. Pao's model looks a hell of a lot better than ur sorry as stadium plus another 10-20,000 seats more than that joke you call a new stadium. Usually when a stadium is built with 30,000 seats it has a very fancy design like the ones in the pictures above. But you owner is such a cheap m****pano lowlife that he builds the plainest stadium i've ever seen in my life and to top it off it doesn't hold 35,000. :LOL:
  2. It would be good if somebody requested the Euro PAO cd's on greek torrents. They most likely will be able to upload them. ;)
  3. No not even that, the paper just doesn't come. :blink: I wonder if anybody is willing to make copies or sell these?
  4. Pano, can you please tell what those cd's are like. Do they have the full games? For some reason every time psortime comes with a cd they never bring it here to the us. :angry:
  5. you really like the look of these? especially the first one?Karaiskaki is beautiful inside and out....you wait till it gets a second tier :nw: why when you see plans for a new stadium does it look like they want to build a shopping centre inside too Im not sure if you havent noticed but these are the way new stadiums are built. These are the beautiful designs and on the inside are even more beautiful. Not like that s%$#! hole you call a beautiful new stadium. You know, 1 gay still hasen't actually said what is beautiful about kokkalaiskaki. It's 4 red walls with 1 tier of red seats. It's the plainest looking stadium that has been built in the last 25 years. I defy 1 gavro to prove me wrong.
  6. yes. sorry man this topic has nothing to do kokkaliskaki. yeah but u Pao fans seem to mention Olympiakos and your goal is to built a bigger and better stadium then us thats your goal so mentioning Olympiakos it link Kokkalis listen i really don't know who went first to as the PASOK gov't for a stadio but who got the job done second some of u Pao fans say that if u built a stadio the fans will come again u try to compare the situatioin with Olympiakos in Rizoupoli when they didn't sell out like they do in Karaiskaki but the difference between Rizoupoli and Leoforos is that Rizoupoli was our home for 3 years Leoforos has been Pao's forever u have the tradition and history their but u still fail to sell out a 16,000 stadio Our goal is to build a great stadium in general, not for it to be better than yours. Thats too easy. Whats so hard to top about a 30,000 seat stadium with one of the worst fields in europe. Besides it's the most plain looking stadium i have ever seen built. First you said if it wasn't for oly pao wouldn't build a stadium and now cause you realized what a retarded comment that is you are changing it into something else. We have wanted a new stadium built since the mid 90's. And for the last comment, what the hell does that even mean? It doesn't even make any sense. Both stadiums held the same amount of people and neither team sold them out. As for your stadium. The one that you consider kokkali a god for building. Half of the money was given to him by the government because the stadium was to be used for the olympics and the other half was taken out by loan that he hasen't paid back yet. Thats your great Kokkali that you all worship like sheep. He didn't put 1 cent into the stadium.
  7. I wanted to know how you could change your board name?
  8. I still get teary-eyed when i watch that last play when big Vrankovic runs all the way back and block the shot. Amazing stuff.
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