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Olympiakos v Kallithea


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Olympacos11 I agree with you but what I think is going to happen is that reality will set in onot the public and after 4 - 5 games into the season you will see the average attendance drop throughout Greece.

I really hope that I'm wrong here, but we are talking about Greeks and they loose their interest very quickly and things always change in Greece.

As far as Olympiacos, They played like I though they would.... Nothing too flashy but got the result. I knew that the game w/ Depor really took a lot out of the group. I was really surprised that when Bajevic took out Okkas he replaced him for Giovanni. I thought that we was going to replace Giovanni for Rivaldo and Okkas for Castillo... But that's why I'm not the coach. No matter what the team played great and they look VERY strong. :tup: :gr:

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I know wut your saying and were also a small country

but there is really only 2 sports of interest in Greece (soccer and basketball)

but its not even close at all

I think Olympiakos will be getting in good attendance due to the team record, Rivaldo and off course the new Stadium.

Pao will also be drawing for the simple fact that there gunning for the title i mean those two teams are set for the most part in Attendance.

A reason of this is i saw stat recently at the Population of Greece is 85% Olympiakos or Panathiniakos fan.

I didn't think it was that high b/c of Aek and Paok have alot of suppoters

Aek i have no idea wut to expect i mean they have no stadium

i think they still play in Panionios stadio i mean the fans are probably fed up from the recent regime

the only thing going for them is the average age of that team is 24

Nikolaidis is in charge and actually wants teh team too do well it seems

but there in a s%$#! load of debt

Paok is such a weird team

at times plays well at other times erractic

Aris is done

Iraklis i think will be the best team in Thessaloniki this year so should draw well

Panionios will be bidding for a Uefa seed maybe 3rd place of Qualifying CL

Aigaleo is an interesting team also a uefa cup seed but they play in such a run down stadio

Quick question i know Rizoupoli is Apollon 2nd Division stadio

but its in pretty good condition for a team like Aek or Aigaleo to play in u know

who from the first division plays there ???

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im sure yannakis will score more goals by 8 matchdays than lamoio has scored for you guys the past few seasons :LOL:
If you consider Okkas comparable with the Lamoio then it is fine by me.... :P At least lamoio gets 150,000 a year unlike Okkas who is considered to be your dream transfer (as far as attackers go).... :P
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