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  1. It was comming as he didn't perform on the field... Good Luck to him
  2. There will be another name coming to Olympiacos, but that only means that players will leave.. I see Rommedal out
  3. They are saying that Olympiacos Volou is finished playing in Europe.. and are also getting points deducted before the begining of the season.
  4. pao123... This just shows to everyone how strong Panionios academy is. I can't understand why the big 3 don't have as strong of academies... Oh wait! We're talking about the Greek League here... sorry B)
  5. I know that this is going to sound CRAZY, but what are the chances that Ronaldinho coming to us? My brother in law says that LA Galaxy is looking on paying him 120mill and ofcourse there are reposrts that he might be going back to Brazil... Anyone?
  6. You hit it right on my manAt the end we'll do the talking :tup:
  7. PAO123 Bottom line to all of this "transfer crap" that happens is that in Greece we don't have anything to back up and to promote our academy programs... We have some great young talent that will give their heart and soul on the field and we just shove them to the curb, and they get lost.
  8. Just curious though to see where Zairi fits in all of this... I think that he's a great player if he's surrounded w/ a good core.. What do you guys think?
  9. I'm getting caught up in the hype craze myself.. And I need to stop. I'm not going to believe anything till I see the player come to Greece to sign. Now as far as Camoragi (if I spelled that correctly) good signing and hope he adds something to the team..
  10. Just read that Olympiacos will "freeze" any transfers till August.. hmmmm they say they want to concentrate on the Europa League games (which I understand) but I feel that REAT "must have player"
  11. Gattuso I can understand..... But I can't figure out why we need Baptista? :blink: Diogo / Mitroglou / Derbyshire... There's 3 fwd's right there do we really need another "high paying" fwd? (unless it's Drogba or something like that) What we need to bulk up on is defense.. I would like to see another defenseman or a midfielder come on in to the team..
  12. I was just looking at the UEFA site and we have our 1st EUROPA League game July 15th vs Besa (Albania) Are we even thinking about that game or is our focus on this coach crap? It's a damn shame that a team like this has not come to a conclusion about who's going to be on the bench leading these players... :tdown:
  13. Actually I would like to see Diogo go...I believe that he's done.. I don't think that we're going to see that "fire, that spark" that he had a year and a half ago..
  14. Yeah he's a quick player.. Sorta liek Zairi w/ some brains though... :LOL:
  15. Dude it's one of those back end deals that only players and managers will EVER know...WHat I don't understand is that the heck is the difference if he come now or later??? What Ev'
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