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  1. Totally believe that Valverde did the correct lineup and did PERFECt with the changes..
  2. I agree w/ Kapino being one of the best in the game... Quinn for me was greatFor Olympiacos Makoun and Djebour
  3. Overall it was a good derby.. I liked PAO with their counter attacks and were dangerous w/ Quinn Olympiacos were the overall better team with the chances and looks strong for the League title again. It's going to be great to see these 2 teams play again at OAKA This was a fair result for both teams.
  4. It's a damn shame that we can't seem to score.. I don't know if it's because of who's up front for us or that we just have no luck. The 1-0 scoreline I believe that it's a fair one, Dortmund did look dangerous when they were going forward but the hand ball was a hand ball... No matter what if you can't put the ball in the back of the net it's not a goal... right.. Two games left we need a win in one of those two games.. Anything is possible with this team
  5. PAO123... I have to tell you... I hate that crap as well.... These players need to understand that it has to stop and EPO needs to step in. I would've minded if "FETFA" would've received a card for the dive. It's something that UEFA / FIFA / EPL / EPO etc all have to join and make this part of the game no existient. Trust me everyone I understand that it's tough we're all humans, BUT IT NEEDS TO STOP! Finally as far as the game I agree that Olympiacos (or any other Greek Team) should NEVER take their foot off the gas... THey need to keep pressing and to keep running the score up.. How many time do we see EPL game finish 6-1 4-0 5-3 etc... The players, coaches, staff have been taught to just keep going till the final whistle.. Now it's over lets just hope that Olympiacos is going to be ready for Dortmund in Germany..
  6. I thought Olympiacos did just fine in that game... In the first 15/20min I was worried because of the pressing from the Germans.. It was obvious that they were going to score, the difference was that Olympiacos just kept it together even though it looked sketchy for a while No matter what it's 3 points in the group stage which is HUGE Lets shoot for another win in Germany :tup:
  7. We play Dortmund for the 3rd game of the group... This won't be easy as the Germans are quick and young... I have to give it to my team here w/ just the simple 1-0 win.
  8. Another great League result... It's going to be tough to beat this team throughout the year. I honeslty believe that they are deep with players and good talented players that want to prove they can play. :tup:
  9. Lets just hope we see a good game.. Avram Papadopoulos is not going to play from Olympaicos as well... Does anyone know why Vlaverde doesn't play him? Are the both of them not liking each other?
  10. Genome, that's the best that we can ask of any of our Greek teams playing outside of Greece that they just have a good showing..
  11. Another tough match for the Champions League Group stage. I see nothing but a loss here for our team. I hope I"m wrong. Our midfield and Defense need to come up big with shutting out not only Van Persie but anyone else who will come at them. GL :gr:
  12. Pao123I agree with you that PAOK did play well in Touba.. But in all honesty they were playing against AEK. And they were home. Bottom line is this, they got the win it wasn't prety but it doesn't take looks to win the League it takes WINS. Valeverde and the team will be ready to play Arsenal, will they beat Arsenal?? Heck no but they are in Europe they are playing and it's positive exposure for our country. In all honesty are we all waiting for Olympiacos (or any other Greek team) to win Champions League? HEEEECK NO! We just want a good outing..
  13. It was comming as he didn't perform on the field... Good Luck to him
  14. I'll be honest with you I believe that this is Olympiacos's biggest game of the group stage. They need to start off well and anything positive ( draw or win) will definitely help their chances... There's two things that as Olympiacos fans that we need to worry.. (a) Marseille must win at some point (B) Marseille have already had league matches to Olympiacos's none..
  15. There will be another name coming to Olympiacos, but that only means that players will leave.. I see Rommedal out
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