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SL1-R16: PAOK - NFC Volos (10-JAN-01, 15:00 EET)

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PAOK.jpg.ca07001feadb6df87300740aa75bc8c1.jpg  VS   1742497436_NFCVolos.jpg.e8a26294af194f97c6fde3b78c869931.jpg

MATCHUP:            P.A.O.K. Thessaloniki -Volos NFC
COMPETITION:     Superleague 1 – Round 16
DATE:                    10-January-2021
TIME:                     15:00 EET  (13:00 GMT, 07:00 CDT, 00:00 AEST next day)
CITY/STADIUM:   Thessaloniki - Toumba Stadium (Capacity: 28,703)
TELEVISION:       Novasports (Greece, Cyprus), NovasportsWorld (worldwide except Greece & Cyprus), Sport Plus (USA, Canada, Australia), PAOK TV (worldwide except GreeCe & Cyprus)

PAOK - NFC Volos history:

2019-2020:  1:0 (Vieirinha-p) - Attendance: 11,995

GAMES:  1    WINS:  1    TIES:  0    LOSSES:  0

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Giannoulis is suspended for this game. Good day for some selfreflection after his terrible and childish mistakes today that costed us. 

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He should have sat out even if he wasn't suspended. Garcia needs to sends some warnings to the player and remind them that they are playing for PAOK. Giannoulis has been lackadaisical ever since he came back from the injury. If he continues that his value will drop dramatically. 

Also Zivkovic needs to sit out this one out. He was awful today. He needs a break. Hope to see Crespo back on defense in this game. After today I also expect Zivkovic to be back in goal on Sunday. Also watching Vieirinha it is quite obvious that he can't last a full game. Hopefully Rodrigo will be fit to play.

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With Giannoulis and Michailidis suspended, Mihai still injured, Biseswar and Colak out of plans and youngsters Koutsias, Vrakas and Tsingaras easy victims we have the following squad for tomorrow: 

Πασχαλάκης , Ζίβκοβιτς , Λύρατζης , Βιεϊρίνια , Ροντρίγκο , Βαρέλα , Ίνγκασον , Κρέσπο , Περέιρα , Εσίτι , Ντούγκλας , Νινούα , Ελ Καντουρί , Σβαμπ , Μουργκ , Λάμπρου , Ουάρντα , Α.Ζίβκοβιτς , Τζόλης , Σφιντέρσκι , Κρμέντσικ .

Will Pablo rest some players for Wednesday’s game against Gavro? Or at least sub them out after 60’? I am afraid the game won’t be killed at that point and they must make more minutes.

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A little bit of rotation in defense and midfield, the front three remains unchanged. A little surprised that A.Zivkovic wasn't given a rest and allowed to come off the bench. 


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This Volos team one class better than Larisa and Atromitos. Will be very hard if not impossible to win this one now.

And almost 0:2 now.

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20 mins in and every we ball we have tried to play in our final third has been awful. No quality from anyone so far and they are causing us plenty of problems going the other way. 

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Did Pereira really do much wrong? Feel he gets hard done by on the rare occasion he's allowed to play. Ditto Esiti he seems to be played in games that do not suit him at all. 

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