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I think what we hoped wouldn't happen is happening... PAOK won today because they have a key piece to a football team... a bloody striker!!! And guy that can get those critical goals and we do not at all, AEK played well, in fact and surprisingly, better than what a much stronger team last season did but we don't have a striker and our defense is also weaker than last year.  

To @athinaios point, away against PAOK we always struggle, in fact I think it's been 8 years since we won there for the league. 

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I have only watched AEK the last couple of weeks and must say they have impressed me, doesn’t really mean anything just an observation. My question is how are they so far behind OSFP,  and PAOK for that matter (before subtracted points), in the standings? They have some very good individuals on that roster. Today’s result isn’t surprising given how the two have been performing since play resumed.


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Shocked they won today. Can't remember the last time they beat PAOK before today.

They are so far behind because the team has little depth, has had a revolving door of managers, and has had some injuries. Team has needed CB help for years and still trots out the same guys. There is also a lack of creativity on the finishing end. They tend to struggle against teams that park the bus and had some bad draws against lower table teams this season.

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Added to that, we have been very bad in derbies, this is just the second win in 17 of the last derbies. Our record against PAOK especially has been poor the last year and a half at least, if not two.

We need some decent signings in the off season, especially defense and wingers 

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