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Conservative Traditions in A Changing Greece

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I read that Greece is trying to redefine the story of Adam and Eve, because a new law allows transgender persons to self-determine their gender, legally now.

Do you think that Greece's traditions and identity have been altered too much, enough, not enough enough?  Membership in the EU and greater integration in Western Europe had an undeniable effect on the laws of the country, but it seems that Greece is being brought forward often kicking and screaming.

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Many who oppose the new law made similar statements that the gov is trying to redefine the Bible, morality, Greek tradition, etc. In other words, God made Adam and Eve.... so I guess this defines traditional and heterosexual relations as the only appropriate and moral condition. If some persons feel trapped in a body whose gender doesn't suit them, it's their problem.... so it would seem.

But, even though Greece is still very traditional, including very religious compared to western European countries, a lot of changes have taken place in my lifetime. I think it was until the 1980s that adultery was a criminal offense. Divorce was rather rare and it was the male that got custody of kids (unless he agreed to pay child support to mother). No civil/secular marriages were possible. Remember the huge fight about the "Orthodox Christian" designation on the national ID cards?



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