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The 2019 Entry Standard will be a bit tougher than the one from 2017 in London. 

100 meters 10.10
200 meters 20.40 
400 meters 45.30 
800 meters 1:45.80
1500 meters (Mile) 3:36.00 (3:53.10)
5000 meters 13:22.50
10000 meters 27:40.00 
Marathon 2:16:00 
3000 meter Steeplechase 8:29.00
110 meter Hurdles 13.46 
400 meter Hurdles 49.30
High Jump 2.30
Pole Vault 5.71
Long Jump 8.17
Triple Jump 16.95
Shot Put 20.70
Discus Throw 65.00 
Hammer Throw 76.00
Javelin Throw 83.00 
Decathlon 8200 
20 km Race Walk 1:22:30
50 km Race Walk 3:59:00

100 meters 11.24
200 meters 23.02
400 meters 51.80
800 meters 2:00.60
1500 meters (Mile) 4:06.50 (4:25.20)
5000 meters 15:22.00
10000 meters 31:50.00
Marathon 2:37:00
3000 meter Steeplechase 9:40.00
100 meter Hurdles 12.98
400 meter Hurdles 56.00
High Jump 1.94
Pole Vault 4.56
Long Jump 6.72
Triple Jump 14.20 
Shot Put 18.00
Discus Throw 61.20 
Hammer Throw 71.00
Javelin Throw 61.50 
Heptathlon 6300
20 km Race Walk 1:33:30
50 km Race Walk 4:30:00


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Here is an updated list of Greek athletes that reached the entry standards for London: Tsakonas  (200m - 20.33) Douvalidis  (110m Hurdles - 13.42) Filippidis (PV - 5.85m) Karalis (PV - 5.70

She is the first Greek woman that is European, World and Olympic Champion at the same time. Kostas Kenteris was the only Greek male to achieve this.

The following Greek athletes who are going to Doha via entry standard qualification : 

Kostas Douvalidis - 13.46 
Mihail Anastasakis - 76.63 
Miltos Tentoglou - 8.32
Kostas Filippidis - 5.72
Emmanouil Karalis - 5.71 
Alexandros Papamichail - 3:56:19 
Katerina Stefanidi - 4.83
Nikoleta Kyriakopoulou - 4.72
Paraskevi Papachristou - 14.51
Gloria Prevelitzio - 2:35:28 
Antigoni Drisbioti - 1:33:22
Aggeliki Makri - 4:29:15

The following Greek athletes who might go to Doha by either improving there entey standard, wild card, or other criteria : 

Nikolaos Skarvelis - 20.40
Chrisoula Anagnostopoulou - 59.02 
Maria Belibasaki - 51.96
Rafaela Spanoudaki-Chatziriga - 11.40, 23.27
Kostas Baniotis - 2.24 
Dimitris Tsiamis - 16.70 

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I believe Tatiana Gousin also has the entry standard but I am not sure if she will compete as she is injured.

Also add to the list the most recent standard entries:

Christos Frantzeskakis (Hammer Throw)
Irini Vasiliou (400m)
Stamatia Skarveli (Hammer Throw)

Also read that Kostas Baniotis (High Jump) got a wild card entry.

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13 hours ago, Blackhawk said:

I believe Tatiana Gousin also has the entry standard but I am not sure if she will compete as she is injured.

The entry standard is 1.94 for women's high jump and she only has a seasons best of 1.88. 
Doesn't Greece normally get two wild card spots? I was hoping Spanoudaki gets in. 

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I don't believe Belibasaki is injured. I think she is the athlete that was caught using banned substance. 

Gousin cleared 1.94 indoors, which I believe counts. However she got injured recently so I don't know if she will compete in Doha.

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Spanoudaki received a wild card entry for Doha from IAAF.

Baniotis is tied at 32nd position which gives a ticket to Doha, but he shares this position with 3 others. He hopes that few athletes will drop out before the September 17 deadline.

Same thing goes for Anagnostopoulou, who hopes that some body ahead of her will drop out.

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I believe IAAF is done with the wild cards. In high jump they decided to limit the athletes who cleared 2.28 meters even though that does not fill out all the 32 spots for the event.

Same for women's discus throw. Even though after athletes dropped out, IAAF decided not to send additional wild card entries.


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The final Greek squad for Doha is:


100 M HURDLES:   Kostas Douvalidis - 13.46 seconds
50 KM WALK:          Alexandros Papamichail - 3:56:19.0 hours
POLE VAULT:            Kostas Filippidis - 5.75 meters
                                   Emmanouil Karalis - 5.75 meters
LONG JUMP:            Miltos Tentoglou - 8.38 meters
HAMMER THROW:  Christos Frantzeskakis - 76.67 
                                    Michail Anastasakis -  76.63


200 METERS:          Rafaela Spanoudaki - 23.16 seconds
400 METERS:          Eirini Vasiliou - 51.75 seconds
MARATHON:           Gloria Privileggio - 2:35:31.0 hours
20 KM WALK:          Antogoni Drisbioti - 1:33:16.0 hours
50 KM WALK:          Aggeliki Makri - 4:29:15.0 hours
POLE VAULT:           Katerina Stefanidis - 4.83 meters
                                   Nikoleta Kyriakopoulou - 4.72 meters
TRIPLE JUMP:         Paraskevi Papachristou - 14.51 meters
HAMMER THROW: Stamatia Skarveli - 71.33 meters


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As expected, Greece will likely get 1 medal from Stefanidi. 
What I love to see is athletes like Anastasakis, Papachristou, Tentoglou or Karalis try to qualify for the finals and give a good showing. For the sprinters and hurdler, a semifinals appearance would be great. 

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Schedule for the Greek athletes in Doha 
Times are local

Sept. 27
Men's Long Jump Qualification - Tentoglou 16:30 
Women's Hammer Throw Qualification - Skarveli (Group A or B) 16:40 or 18:10 
Women's Pole Vault Qualification - Stefanidi, Kyriakopoulou 17:30 
Women's Marathon Final - Priviletzio 23:59

Sept. 28 
Men's Pole Vault Qualification - Filippidis, Karalis 17:30 
Women's Hammer Throw Final - 19:25
Men's Long Jump Final - 20:40 
Men's 50 km Race Walk Final - Papamichail 23:30
Women's 50 km Race Walk Final - Makri 23:30 

Sept. 29 
Women's Pole Vault Final - 20:40 
Women's 20 km Race Walk Final - Drisbioti  23:30

Sept. 30 
Women's 200 Meters Heats - Spanoudaki 17:05 
Women's 400 Meters Heats - Vasiliou 18:20 
Men's 110 Meter Hurdles Heats - Douvalidis 20:05 

Oct. 1 
Men's Hammer Throw Qualification - Anastasakis, Frantzeskakis (Group A or B) 16:30 or 18:00 
Men's Pole Vault Final - 20:05
Women's 400 Meters Semifinal - 20:50
Women's 200 Meters Semifinal - 21:35

Oct. 2 
Men's 110 Meter Hurdles Semifinal - 20:05
Men's Hammer Throw Final - 21:40
Women's 200 Meters Final - 22:35
Men's 110 Meter Hurdles Final - 22:55

Oct. 3 
Women's Triple Jump Qualification - Papachristou 16:40 
Women's 400 Meters Final - 23:50 

Oct. 5
Women's Triple Jump Final - 20:35


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You are probably right. The one medal will be from Stefanidi. She always shows up and does well at the big competitions. I really don't see who else could medal. Perhaps Papachristou and Tentoglou if they break their SB's during the competition.

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Bad news and I am feeling sad already ???

Papachristou pulled out of the World Championship because of a Achilles Tendon injury, they said it is to be serious. She will go into rehab and should be ready for Tokyo 2020. 

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Here is my outlook for the Greek athletes in Doha 

Tentoglou should reach the finals (8.00 meters or better) and contest for a medal. If he jumps past his PB of 8.32, I think he will win a medal. 
Skarveli is competing in her first World Championship, she has a long shot to qualify for the finals. If she can throw at least 69.50, she got a chance. 
Filippidis should qualify if he jumps over 5.60 minimum, Karalis on the other hand might struggle and fail to qualify. He has not been very consistent this season. 
Anastasakis is due to qualify in his first major World Championships Finals, he has been very stable throwing 75 meters or better. The automatic qualifying spot is 76 meters and he has not thrown that far since March 26 in Thessaloniki (76.63). Frantzeskakis is making his senior debut, will be a long shot for him. He would need to throw at least 74.50 to have a shot in qualifying. 
Papamichail will be racing in the 50 Km race walk, I think he will finish in the top 30 with a new PB. 
Drisbioti will be racing in the 20 Km race walk, I think she will finish in the top 30 as well. 
Makri will be racing in the 50 Km race walk, she will finish in the top 20. 
Stefanidi is qualifying for the finals and will medal for sure (Gold medal is not a lock though). 
Kyriakopoulou might qualify (4.60) if she is back in top form prior to her injury. 
Vasiliou will probably not reach the semifinals unless she runs under 52.50 
Spanoudaki will probably not reach the semifinals as well unless she runs under her PB of 23.16
Douvalidis should reach the semifinals, but will need to break his SB of 13.46 in order to have the chance to reach the finals. 
Anagnostopoulou will not qualify for the finals unless she throws over 60 meters which she has not done so since August 2017 when she throw a PB of 61.53
Previlitzio will finish in the top 50 and possibly get a new PB. 

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Tomorrow's events with the Greek athletes 
Men's Long Jump - Automatic Standard Qualifying 8.15, possible mark for qualification of best performance 8.05 
Women's Hammer Throw - Automatic Standard Qualifying 72.00, possible mark for qualification of best performance 70.00 
Women's Pole Vault - Automatic Standard Qualifying 4.60, possible mark for qualification of best performance 4.50
Women's Marathon - Will need a time of 2:20:50 or greater to medal  

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Tentoglou and Stefanidi should have no problem making the finals. I would say Kyriakopoulou  should as well, but she is coming back after injury without any competitive action. Would be nice to have a double representation in the pole vault.

The only way Skarveli will qualify is if she breaks her PB. Provoleggio might get a PB but weather conditions will be very difficult despite the fact that the even will take place late at night. I see a lot of competitors not finishing the race. 

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