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So when you thought you'd seen it all something new appears on this forum thanks to our foreign friends.

AEK and PAO become here best friends. They became like one club.: lets call it AEKTHINAIKOS. They are brothers. Because they over exaggerate their hate against Marinakis, the best club owner in Greece.


I started this topic to prove that the foreign friends who live on different continents don't know what is going on in the country of the club (AEKTHINAIKOS new club) they support.

In Greece the fans from the 2 old clubs (PAO KAI AEK) they supported they hate each other. They fight each other. Never in a couple of 1000 years they would become brothers like the foreign friends on phatis became here.


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As I said on the other post, I don't care if they kill each other in Greece, yes we have rivalry with PAO but does that stop me from having a convo with them on a forum? NO. 


Last thing I want is my son growing up and hating/belting a PAO fan because they do it in Greece, we don't need that hate sh*t here or outside of Greece, but these guys are so hard core they can only show hate, shallow fans. We have Greeks coming from Greece trying to bring the hate with them here in Sydney but they learn the hard way when they make petty threats......

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Original Sydney, pana97, back off these kids...I think they really wanted to start this forum to find out where there real fathers are stationed now. They just might be ashamed to say it.... Doxa/Greeks, It's ok guys if ur dads live in Missouri, Kentucky or Mississippi.. With the help of the U.S. Navy, we will find them.

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