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I'm interested to see how he does. He has a pretty solid squad at his disposal that was under performing with some really good players like Napoleoni and Marcelinho. Hopefully he lasts there for a few years and learns some things along the way. Eventually I see him making his way back to AEK.

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Wonderful pose. I believe a lot of fun was made of goalkeepers using this for their player picture/videos (for lineups) during the last world cup. At least here in the States. anyway.

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They actually ended the season with five consecutive wins: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2015–16_Atromitos_F.C._season#Superleague_Greece

That said, the rest of the season was poor. December through February netted four wins, two losses, and six draws...and that still gave them more points than the first half of the season, which resulted in a total of nine points.

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