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Greece-Finland(4 September 2015, Giorgos Karaiskaki, Piraeus)


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That's just it. We made a living off winning 1-0 against mediocre opposition. Even then we had trouble scoring goals, but at least we would eventually get that goal that just never comes now. You also mention luck, you're right. I recall a game at home to Slovakia where we won off the Slovakian keeper whiffing at a back pass for an own goal. Against Finland, we at least dominated possession, and usually possession means goals, or at least that you won't be giving up goals, but we still lost 1-0. They scored on their only real chance. You could say you want Karnezis to make the save, but I don't really think the goal was on him. The real joke was 20 shot attempts, but just 3 shots on goal, none of which were anything but routine saves for Hradecky. That's a creativity problem. We've always been short on creative players, but it's getting worse. This is why the Ninis and Fetfatzidis of the world have to be playing. Beats these Mantalos and Aravidis nobodies we're trying instead. NO idea what Tziolis was doing, and while Vyntra wasn't as bad as I expected, still looked out of place. We have 3 games left, can't qualify, but let's at least improve. Next game's goal should be to create a good scoring chance. Don't have to win, don't even have to score. Let's at least LOOK dangerous.

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Unless we do what the Germans did in 04 I think where they had a re structure of their development system, and this is a former WC winner at the time, can't see us getting out of this hole and let's face it, EPO with chance nothing.


When the program was first started, they wanted to produce more technically gifted players. At the same time though, modern tactics and their influence on player development suggests the opposite.


I think they have managed to achieve a blend at at the same time keep their hard-nosed, ruthless nature.


I think draxler is a very good example. I saw him a while back play at toumba. Immediately it was obvious that no one could keep up with him physically. Above average on the ball but nothing special. Most impressive though was his maturity on the park, great decision making which is something lacking is our guys. I thought to myself, here is a guy that is not only gifted both technically and physically but has had a great understanding of the game. Can't remember if he scored that day, but time and time again he has showed his ruthless nature in front of goal.


Offcourse draxler is fortunate to be blessed with desired attributes, but i think that is the point in a sense, that the system filters out the in-cable and works to educate only the gifted individuals. Someone like karelis for instance is a great athlete but would be cut because he lacks football fundamentals. You find that

most of our guys are severely lacking in certain areas of their game.


If we are serious of implementing such a system and bring in the right people, then theoretically we should produce better players. However as you've mentioned this is very much a pipe dream. The germans are very forward thinking, EPO on the other hand....

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If the coach gets abit real, Tziolis, Vyntra and to a lesser extent Moras-who I rate, are not chosen for the next venture, our team as a whole squad are under thirty. That alone is a huge positive. If it takes 8-10 games to find a win, well so be it. Glass half full now that we had time to absorb this latest setback.

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To be successful you need to evolve Mendel... Yes we experienced great success in 2004 with a defensive system but we attacked with great flow and we made our attacks effective with goals...


We then had the privilege of our ranking been what it has been until this campaign about 9-14 in the world - from 2008-2014 we had the luxury of the defensive scheme working good enough to beat the Lithuania's, Latvia's, Slovakia's with 1-0 scorelines and IMO much luck. Heck we even owned Croatia for the 2012 Euro's but had some warning signs against Bosnia last campaign... Even before that Switzerland beat us twice in 2010 WC qualifying... 


How long did you think the lucky 1-0 wins over moderate opposition was gona work for? Mainly long balls and set pieces... today our set pieces are a joke, a shadow of what they once mean and our attack has no flow what so ever.


Kara and Kats cans simply not be around for ever and were part of the reason our game looked how it did but we had Salpi + Gekas to score some much needed goals with Mitroglou.


Versus Croatia Karagounis was only 34, Katsouranis 32. In 2013 vs Bosnia they were two years older, over 30 two extra years can mean a lot, several players retire before 36 or even 34. I think that explains the declining performance, they were getting older and older. There was in 2013 a game versus Liechtenstein which was horrible (though we won). Santos had no better midfielders, that why Katsouranis played as a starter until he was 35 and Tachtsidis and the likes were mostly benched (under Santos Tachtsidis and until the WC Samaris were behind Tziolis in the hierarchy - that means theyre not good).

I think we could have beaten Finland and the Faroe Islands 1-0 with long balls and 2 DMs, perhaps Hungary or Northern Ireland too. We could have had many problems because of the transition and the lower quality of the younger midfielders, but in that system we should have been to qualify. Norway and Albania (!) will earn probably a playoff spot.

The last sentence is true. Unfortunately there is no successor of Karagounis or Katsouranis, this is partly the reason the team plays how it plays.

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why does this mandalos myth of keeping others on the bench still smell? 


 - mr ninis & mr fetfa were not available for the match that mandalos played in.


 - mr maniatis was injured and out. kone had just signed with udinese, a little over a week earlier and was woefully unfit - as was samaras, who played. we were very limited at CM & FWD for that match. we were also severely hurting at FB.


There were injured players but that doesnt explain however why was Mantalos played as a starter. Kone after a week with a club would have been better. Tziolis - a player much more useful than Mantalos - could have played too but he was overlooked by the big name clown.

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Did I just read that Tzioli is more useful than Mantalo? Based off of what? Have you seen Mantalo play? Or are you judging him off of one game where he wasnt that bad and the team was s%$#! in general? Also Mantalo is an AM/CM , Tzioli is a DM....mh lete oti na'nai

Also Aravidi and Kareli were both out of position and when they attempted to make moves into the box they were pretty much negated by mitroglous terrible movements. Some of you need to become around the clock fans, because it seems watching only the national team every 6 months has left you behind a bit.

A lot of emotional apocalyptic posts in here since the game. Id say that 1789's last post is the most spot on. The team is young and we have a lot of potential. Now as long EPO get their act together and hire a capable coach, who they will allow to do his job without backstage politics, then better days are ahead.

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