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Osfp- Panathinaikos 2013


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It's a "derby" so maybe we should have a thread here.  PAO hasn't won at Karaiskaki in ages, and this is the worst year for our team, so I'm not very hopeful. I was very surprised that we played so well in our first matchup of the season at OAKA. But this team hasn't scored in 3 games, has one of the worst defense, and couldn't even make the playoffs under an favorable schedule.


Unfortunately, the Greek league has deteriorated so much that many people aren't as interested, and this includes me. But, I love soccer, and I want to enjoy watching the game given a decent chance.


So, let's hope for the best. If they play like they did at OAKA months ago, I'll be very happy regardless of the result.

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PAO won't get to the playoffs. They're capable of winning this one and losing the next one. 5 of the 7 loses have come from teams that are at the very bottom of the league.


So, far PAO has had the better chances to score. Zeka lost the best chance after passing the goalie and rushing an unnecessarily strong to the post.


Second half. PAO misses another good chance with a Barbarousis header. They're trying to win this thing. Good so far.

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Sad day when a club who are one of the 4 pillars in Greek football are relegated being AEK. Not that I am supporter of them but a sad day.

On the result, probably a good result for Pana to get a result against Olym but does not save a pretty poor season.

Good to see that maybe teams like Apollon, Volos, Iraklis and Ergotelis could get promoted and glad the Greek 1st division goes to 18 teams

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