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  1. At the end of the day, for a club who has so much in Greece is just a disaster in Europe. Since 1996 when this started the run of 14 championship to make one quarter and one last 16 appearance is a pretty poor return. Oly needs to become more consistent in Europe and reach the latter rounds more often
  2. Sad day when a club who are one of the 4 pillars in Greek football are relegated being AEK. Not that I am supporter of them but a sad day. On the result, probably a good result for Pana to get a result against Olym but does not save a pretty poor season. Good to see that maybe teams like Apollon, Volos, Iraklis and Ergotelis could get promoted and glad the Greek 1st division goes to 18 teams
  3. While I have never supported AEK, I just wanted to say this is indeed a very sad in Greek football to see one of the 4 pillars being relegated for first time. A club with a lot of history and great player has now reached its lowest point. From what I can see I just hope the cancer is not terminal and they can bounce back because without this club the Greek league is not the same. This could be a good thing with the club having to rebuild and basically be reborn...I hope they return next season. On another subject while they conceded this goal...there were some very suspect results on the sam
  4. Agreed if someone like Donis comes across would be good. Never understood why in reality we have not found a striker since Warzcyha. I know he is coach at Egaleo but surely he is one that could tap into the talent in Poland and other countries. I am not sure if anyone remembers but when he was signed by Panathinaikos everyone was saying who..I remember because I was in Greece at the time. But what a signing he turned out to be. Realistically Greece will never be able to pay the prices for top talent plus the league does not want warrant. However there are plenty of players through clever sig
  5. I have not commented recently but trying to get back into. The game is quite simple as 11v11 but if Pana want to get back to being a powerhouse things have to change. The danger is now Greece rather than having a 3 team league, went to 2 teams and now 1. Similar to Scotland if Rangers cannot be saved. I am even sure most diehard Olympiakos even though they hate us and are laughing now deep down this is also bad for them as they need teams like Pana, AEK and PAOK to be strong together with likes of Aris, OFI and Xanthi. It just seems weird the Pana basketball team having been so dominant in G
  6. Week 11- I know I missed the games today as I was away. Hopefully okay to put in for tomorrow games 1--
  7. All I can say is what a mess...and its still not sorted. How can you nearly be half way through a league and expect to throw two teams into the mix. The league should have been suspended until this was all sorted...I suppose this does reflect the chaos in Greece as a whole. To me if they relegated Kavala, Iraklis and Volos at the very least replace them straight away. Firstly teams like Larissa and Serres should have been reinstated and then look at Doxa and Levadiakos. All the Greek divisions are just a mess.
  8. Here are my picks for last week. I think I was lucky to even get one right. So whats the story with talks about 18 teams being the new 1st division WEEK 7 2
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