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Uefa Cup quarterfinals draw

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Bayer Leverkusen - Zenit/Marseille 2-0,0-0

Rangers - Sporting Lisbon 1-1,0-2

Bayern Munchen - Getafe 2-1,0-1 :o

Fiorentina - PSV Eindhoven 2-0,1-1

I bet the fans at Ibrox will enjoy Sporting Lisbon's green/white hoops! :P

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Leverkusen 3 - 1 Zenit

Zenit 1 - 0 Leverkusen

Leverkusen to win 3-2 on agg.

Rangers 2 - 0 Sporting Lisbon

Sporting 0 - 0 Rangers

Rangers to win 2-0 on agg.

Bayern 3 - 0 Getafe

Getafe 1 - 1 Bayern

Bayern to win 4-1 on agg.

Fiorentina 2 - 0 PSV Eindhoven

PSV 1 - 0 Fiorentina

Fiorentina to win 2-1 on agg.

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You will notice that I said Zenit or Marseille. There was an item in UEFA.com about the European governing body thinking of eliminating Zenit, on paper, due to banana peels being thrown at a black player for Marseille.

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Guest TheLegend

Getafe is killer :tup: Them spanking aek wasnt a fluke....

red card 6th minute they score in the 44th. Bayern tie 1-1 in the 90th...


1st minute ET goal Getafe

2nd minute ET goal Getafe

with 10 men.... spanking barcelona a year ago wasnt a fluke either this team is killer

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Getafe are really talented team.....I can see how AEK lost - Getafe are way better than any Greek team, no doubt about that.

I was cheering for Bayern, but its shame they had to go out the way they did. Away goals shouldnt count into Overtimet thats a completly unfair advantage. Away goals count double - and if one type of goal counts as two - each team should have the same amount of time to score these "extra valuable goals"

Bayern had 90+30 mins to score as many away goals as they could

Getafe had 90 to score as many away goals as they could.

Point is, the amount of time where away goals should count extra or be accounted for should be EXACTLY the SAME for both sides. Otherwise its just not fair. That game could have been in Munich and still ended up 3-3, and Getafe would have gone through. The only difference is, Getafe had the second game by chance..

If its its 3-3 in to extra time, should go to PK. Its only fair!

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