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  1. Good work boythes. Look, if the national team is picked on the basis of 22-28 years of age, consistently, we will usually get optimum results. There should be exceptions to the rule ofcourse, the odd 30 year old. I remember an ESPN soccer program on fox previewing the world cup, there is a panel of four. When Greece was mentioned, it was quick, and along the lines of, 'oh, Katsouranis, Karagounis and Salpingitis, your not serious.' We must avoid being basket cases, even in the small details. I agreed with them to a certain degree. Not happy about that either.
  2. I appreciate your honest appraisal GrkCdn22. Salpi was on decline, and I would steer away from anointing him as captain as he won't carry the team forward into the future. The captain of Hellas is in waiting, its Sokratis, therefore, Markarian has to not waste this opportunity. Maybe an even more agile goalkeeper could be given a start. Karnezis is ok, he can do a job. Like to see Kapino get a decent run now.
  3. One of the glaring problems Ranieri's tenure revealed, was that he allowed the players to dictate terms. Salpi was one of the best in his prime, but by the time the votes came in for the new captain for Hellas, he and three others were past it, on the national stage at least. History often shows that players Don't know when its all over! They will take the money till they are physically kicked out of the dressing room! An assertive coach brings with him change, either straight away, or within two games. Out with those whom he feels won't fit into the new philosophy, or are bucking the syste
  4. I'm quietly confident Hellas will turn this around and win 2-0. There has been sufficient evidence that the players have been hurting from their poor performances. Fetfa and maybe even Klaus might bang them in. Overall I know there is an abundance of talent in the squad to make a dent against anyone.Lets see if this pans out.
  5. There's this young kid Panos Armenakas running around for an Italian club I believe. He's been touted potentially as pele, maradona, ronaldo, ibrahimovic and maniatis all rolled into one. Is he eligible for Greece ? Hot talent at 16.
  6. Boys, I read some jouno's quote a while back that when P Kone first came into the national team environment, he was infact touted as 'the new Karagounis!' That tells me that he was touted as a DM. Would that read correct to others? If so, play him there next match, I'm not crazy about him at AM..
  7. Would Samaras holding at CF, and Fetfa as his AM, would that increase our flair? Faroes are probably more physical than many asian teams too. Faroes would do quite afew top 100 teams. Not to be under-estimated. My Thio ordered a salad and pita with our yeeroses recently. I think that's like double-dipping. The yeeros has salad, and pita. It probably isn't something I can take away as food for thought, especially if I'm to impress a date, especially of another culture know what I mean na poume? Also, No chiili sauce with yeeros, as No tzatziki with beritos - my advise to singles.
  8. Top summary 1789. It would depend on what formation Sergio wanted to settle on too. If he opts for 4231, and Kone is a second stricker, he doesn't fit this model, he is an AM is this the place for him? In a 352 formation, Kyriakos, Manolas and Sokratis have it covered at the back, is Toro as attacking as Holebas and how are those crosses in? In the world cup, could anyone else have scored the Samaris goal the way he did. Samaris to me is an enigma, where is his best position?? He is energetic, would it be fair to say he is not technically as gifted on a consistant basis. Do we need more of Ta
  9. Lemon juice and tzatziki are the greatest inventions af all time, or close to it. Up there with zembekiko music. As I flick my kompoloi (worry beads), thio Stratos reckons Markarian will initially not be given absolute free reign on squad and team selections. Do we think he will, or will there be dodgy selections during his time, which has started? And that patates are not good for cholesterol, or my waiste-line re paithia!
  10. Lads, I would like to see Hellas adopt a policy of forget politics and re-generate the team every world cup cycle - standard. The majority of the player squad should be around 25, or younger, not all players. It is way overdue to do this infact in Faroe Is. match, not necessarily from Poland match. No Vyntra, Moras, Katsouranis, Salpingitis. At the very latest, after the euro qualifiers to promote Sokratis to captain. This may mean the end of playing Torotsidis, even if this is a backward step initially. Just an opinion. Need to have Sokratis well respected if this was to happen. That means n
  11. No, the super powers would usually win against A League sides, BUT, when it comes to Greece playing a Faroe Is. or the like, we/they shouldn't just expect to turn up and win. When they play better countries, they pull out those 1% extra efforts. This obviously didn't happen at Karaiskakis. This time they better not underestimate Faroes! That was my point digga.
  12. Not quite, but Dr Aba did tell me my second wife was very attractive though, said nothing about me!
  13. We should not throw in this a league tripe, I agree cause we would also put our houses on them teams losing to the superior European teams, every time..There is no way known Greece would lose to Faroes at home-Unthinkable!! Wanderers to beat billionare oil shieks Al Hilal, it would cause mass hysteria, will never happen! With our overflowing pride with expectation, we rarely ever get to the next level. A humble approach to this Faroes game would ensure Greece plays at their best. And hopefully win 3-0 We'll see. Friends, we barrack for the same team don't forget.
  14. Ella bro lets get serious for a minute, who will Socceroos face in world cup semi to get into the world cup final in Russia, will Greece finally fulfil its potential? It will be a close final against one of Germany, Argentina, Columbia, Brazil or that basket case France... Live the lie/ I mean dream!
  15. Good call on the jeans, just out there doing my best. I just bought skinny mirrors, living a lie na poume!
  16. Fair call on those past results. I'm a fan of both greek and aussie leagues. Club matches would be closer, the A league has improved. Don't hate on A league, I'd like to see where both leagues rank actually. I know that I don't know.
  17. I love watching Greece and Australia for that matter in footy. An honesty question to anyone interested, who would win if they played each other next month at, say, aami park in Melbourne? Would Olympiacos or Paok defeat Melbourne Victory or say, Sydney FC? Love to see these matches. Let me say this, Ange P has got the Aussies thinking they can take on anyone. They will walk over hot coals for him, wow. Greece need team chemistry and an excellent playing style similar to Socceroos. A high line and playing players that have big motors, not sit back players. It was the same story, where to f
  18. I have confidence in our new National Team coach, Markarian. For the life of me though, how does he justify taking off our Best player in Fetfa, and bring on Katsouranis. The match was on the line, I actually dropped my yeeros on my skinny jeans! It is a long campaign til Russia, therefore, he will prove to be a good coach. Lets use the rest of the matches in this Euro campaign for familiarity and team chemistry, we sure need it. The pyrates need minimum of five matches together to start playing serious footy I would think, under a new system-again.
  19. There has to be some continuity with team selections, not the circus Ranieri was parading, given the injuries too. Lets go back to world cup. Samaras was cf, so he must be next game. Mitro can sit on the bench, he will fire, has done it before in his National team, na poume! Fetfa is our Ronaldo, lets Not beat around the bush. Need to have a creative Midfield, rest of team is set. Karnezis, Toro, Manolas, Sokratis Pap, Holebas, Kyriakos Pap, P Tachtsidis, try Lazaros Christo, G Fetfa, G Samaras and P Kone. Like to see Aravidis, Mitro and Gianniotas as part of the bench. This team should start
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