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  1. What is the difference between an AM and a second stiker? A DM, someone in a holding position and the old sweeper? Just different terminology I would say. Why are the left/right backs the fullbacks when the centre-backs are at the back too? Any further back, they'll be on top of the keeper. They are all fullbacks surely.
  2. Michalis Skibbe may speak with Rehagel to get an insight into the culture and team dynamics with regards to Greek national teams eg. Mitro's non-stop running game and what side Klaus wears his fringe and Tziolis's identical game style to Pirlo etc.
  3. Seen the squad, Tziolis, Moras and Vyntra-all in it. Ye! Usual faces.
  4. I mean so they can start this new campaign for next year with the new coach, trying to implement new strategies, subtly ofcourse. Multiple training sessions and then the actual game, imitating professional-like environments fille.
  5. Glad to see our ethniki are steeped in tradition-in picking the squad on the 11th, to then assemble and play on 13th November.
  6. Do smoking cigars in public give our focussed and determined players beer-guts?
  7. The contrast was amazing watching tachtsidis cut through the middle and influence that last match vs Hungary. Wish Tsanas and co had the forsight to play him earlier on. Then you look at how ineffective Tziolis was at DM, total contrast. Taxi was like Ronda Rousey and Tziolis was like watching me in my Tarocach or Connor gear, going to a nightclub trying to pick up a 20-something year old chick and not being so effective na poume.
  8. Moras and Tziolis should be up here with us on the lounge chair posting opinions, or in the park in A grade playing in front of relatives and girlfriends now brah. Samaris is still trying to prove himself as far as is evidenced on the pitch. Petsos for DM for passing range and some vision, or Kpaps if you want just a really good stopper- as was needed against Hungary's Nemeth-I think. Maniatis would pick up his ball and go home if he was to play as LB too. Need more speed @ RB nowdays. Toro might play further in perhaps? Pelkas has shown already he should be one of the first 5 chosen in the st
  9. Samaris will be 27 by the time the qualifiers start. If his form in the friendlies coming up, remains where it's been, he should be moved on. I would even bring Maniatis in if we go for an over 25 player. Petsos might be the future of this team.
  10. Ethniki needs to implement the new systems now. Skibbe must put his stamp on the team, so two friendlies in four days is ideal. They need some more games early next year.
  11. Congrats to Skibbe for landing Greece role as head coach. Better hope he fails cause there's a lot of egg to get thrown around if they respond to him.
  12. Pelkas is switched on, deserves to start as in the last game, he's got speed. Fetfa and Kone at best on the bench. Petsos should come straight into the squad immediately! A lot of positives came out of the last game, basically the team need to stiffen up the back four.
  13. Oh my, I hope if Gekas does get a call-up, it's just for a 'this is your life' kind of reunion, where his wife, kids, parents, friends, relatives and mistresses get invited to the evening, and he gets interviewed and they reminisce about how he grew up and became a star, and Was At His Peek 10 Years Ago!!
  14. Just read on 442 forums that Greece chased Postacoglou but could not get him away from the Socceroos as he is contracted till end of 2018, so they turned their attention to Magath.Skibbe is still not over the line. Interesting Clink!
  15. Skibbe's stint as coach of u18's of Germany will hopefully bring a strong structure for the Ethniki. FC Schalke means he'll bring man management. Being a former midfielder means he can rescue our midfield play.
  16. Ethniki should go back to 0-0 or 1-0 wins and bore everyone to tears. Infact, Tziolis should be captain for the world cup campaign, and play a 6-4-0 park the bus formation. it is just unethniki-like to win 4-3 or be enterprising and versatile---there you go, now That's offensive, not GrkCdn22 with his opinions, they're not so bad. Although, 6-4-0 suits many on the forum.
  17. Like you know when someone is finished. All good players mentioned are serious talent. Paul would not walk in. Our Hellas have lost some embarrassing losses. Don't downplay the Aussies Euro-snob. Hellas would love to have Cahill even now, just scored two more goals lol.
  18. As much as I don't like to see Socceroos lose, and the matches would not be like Greece playing Germany or Bolivia, I dislike seeing the Ethniki lose more, so Greece 2-1. I say may the best team win though. Like to see full-houses.
  19. "Paul" Giannou would not have it easy at Socceroos. There is ofcourse Cahill-still banging them in, Tomi Juric, Mat Leckie, Nat Burns, Kerem Bulut who plays for Irakis FC, a natural goal scorer. Then there is Jamie McLaren, Chris Naumoff all next in line to step up.
  20. So its smack bang in the middle of AFL (and NRL) season then hey?? They will be sellouts anyway. :box:
  21. Heard Giorgo is with Sporting Lisbon. Like to see him back in. So Ethniki tried 53 different players. Can also say they expanded pool or at least exposed more talent to what to expect at international level, and the different conditions. Could serve the Enthiki well in coming campaigns. Like to see it expand to 56 players. Like to see Bouchalakis, Petsos and Klonaridis in the Very near future. Greece were never going to do well in this campaign with all the elements that went against them from the get go. It took this long to get some sort of decent team chemistry. Hope it continues from here
  22. If Hellas choose Giannou cause they trust him to get on the pitch all well and good. If Aussies take him good too for me. Like to see the guy translate the form into either national side. Fear that he will go shouldn't be a factor in my opinion. Greece have Mitro, Klaus and Diamantakos. For me, Samaras isn't washed up either, he remains a big match player. Many in the know say it takes quite afew matches in a National team to find one's feet. Giannou only warmed the bench last time anyway.
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