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  1. Tsana is related to ko-tsana in the EPO. Fact is they are all linked to the illuminati and are 33 1/2 degree masons too. It's the luciferian bloodlines. Don't fall under their spell. Markarian was too, the evidence was when he took off an in form Fetfa for Kats when the the game was in the balance! Run run now!!
  2. I take it the squad will be posted around the 7th October. The bottomfeeders can't make it easy.
  3. Toro hasn't got the pace for RB. Bakakis is the right option today. I remember after world cup Mantalos got a shot during euro, people were saying how he was a lone shining light. Now, having been out injured, people are saying he is a myth and they would hand him over to isis. Make up your minds fellow armchair experts! He's quality or he isn't. Same with Klaus. he was being fed to the dogs, now he is our second best stricker again. Karelis is apparently best utilized as CF. That takes him out to third best CF. Why put him on the wing? Are his crosses and cutting back inside top quality? Pel
  4. Surely there is no truth to the rumour. He is not responsible for Karagounis walking either. George Karaiskaki would be turning in his grave!
  5. Read an article that Ranieri bought his players at Leicester, pizza and hotdogs for the clean sheet against Stoke fc. What a swell guy! :cw:
  6. Magath can'y be all that bad,surely! He won two consecutive Bundesliga titles with Bayern. Also coached Stuttgart, and won a title with Wolfsburg too. Also he is known to be a strict disciplinarian with full-on fitness. High energy, oops, Mitro, Tziolis and an unfit Fetfa are in deep!
  7. The German coach will fund himself, as the EPO have pocketed what would be for him, and go to Salamina or London for their summer break. Lets hope they pick a German coach.
  8. Samaris generally has a better running game than Taxi, so I would say Taxi @ DM, and Samaris @ CM. I like to see Mantalos @ AM, although, Fortounis with a decent run at it would suffice. Samaris will struggle to hold his spot when Maniati gets back. Hellas will Never play a 3-5-2 as they place more emphasis on defence culturally. Always have four at the back, even with Kpaps,Sok and Manola. I don't necessarily agree with this.
  9. Tsana might of moved Fortounis to the wing when Kone came on, BUT, nothing beats Kats coming on for a firing Fetfa whilst Markarian was in charge, I mean, while he was having a turn as EPO's frontman. Markarian by the length of the straight, passing Ranieri and everyone else for the M&*(^%$# award of the century!
  10. If EPO ask nicely, and only that way, Ange might allow Ante Milicic to coach Hellas on a two year contract. Tell me he isn't smarter than Ranieri, Markarian or Tsana..
  11. If the coach gets abit real, Tziolis, Vyntra and to a lesser extent Moras-who I rate, are not chosen for the next venture, our team as a whole squad are under thirty. That alone is a huge positive. If it takes 8-10 games to find a win, well so be it. Glass half full now that we had time to absorb this latest setback.
  12. Makes me wonder how countries succeed that are notorious for cartels and mafias. Teams have success from Columbia, and all other South American nations. Then there's the Azzuri. Maybe we are too precious and need to roll the sleeves up higher, I don't know. Why can't Greece be a consistant powerhouse? Why didn't Tsana put on Fetfa. Things like that are a mystery.
  13. Papasta won the argument but still lost another match again. The commentator mentioned many chances not being put away. The truth cut deep Papa.
  14. Would Tachtsidis Ninis and Fortounis as midfield work, and is there another CF out there, AND, any technical players for any position that can be suggested? Is a Fountas type player too inexperienced to persevere with?
  15. Ronaldo bought his manager a greek island for his wedding so, why not give Fountas a run for his 20th birthday, generous that Tsanas. Mitro should of played, it wasn't the same. Oh, hang on, someone said he did play, serous?
  16. Come back George Samaras, we didn't mean it. Bring Maniati with you. We are all friends again! Hellas wouldn't be any worse at rugby I suppose.
  17. Not only will we beat these group teams, we will qualify for Russia, finish top eight in world cup semis and get to top ten world ranking again. Mitro to score many goals and be ranked with James Rodriguez. Go Hellas!!
  18. Toronto appreciates Greece soccer. Sydney just ain't up to it! Not like there aren't any greeks here or something. I think fox has darts or replay of some baseball match in dumb f.. two or something.
  19. Anyone know a decent place in Sydney to watch the game? ESPN 3, streaming or SKYsports1 are a myth. Cr card details are private and to stay that way.
  20. Can't see the next Hellas captain being pushed from his preferred CB position. He won't be at RB. If anything Manolas. But I seriously think Kitsiou will start there. Obviously Kyriakos starts, as he is my vice capt anyway. Kyriakos starts at DM for the right balance. Orestis, Holebas, Sokratis ©, Manolas, Kitsiou, Kyriakos (vc), Samaris, Fortounis, Fetfa, Mitro, Karelis. All the best boythes!
  21. Brothers 4 life file. If you do want my ex though, no probs, I love that shot anyways, it was from another guy :D
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