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  1. That is true,but the Euro championships on offer are not being won by Greek teams either fille. Let say Giannou, has now scored 5 goals in 6 matches in a league that stacks the goal-mouth full of defenders. That is a great effort and he is now in his prime, has more confidence. Greece can do a lot worse.
  2. Kool, I'm as greek as you, but Socceroos have made 4 world cups, are Asian champions, Wanderers are still club champions when they defeated Al Hilal. Greece made 3 world cups. Lets not downplay the Aussie team. I would like both teams in the top 10 in the world if it was up to me. Giannou is also now one of the form forwards in Super League I hear.
  3. Ikonomidis and Panos are kids rising through, how can they be classed as scraps? Our beloved Hellas lost twice to Faroe Islands, not Socceroos. C'mon. Euro snobbery when there is nothing to be snobbish about.
  4. Playing Turkey in Nov? Keep your friends close and your enemies closer as they say. Close match if it happens.
  5. Whoever is smoking the pipe, the staff must get serious and tell him to piss off! Don't need him... prick!
  6. Nick would that mean Fortounis is perhaps DM, or do you mean a look into the future at our front 5- including wingers fille?
  7. I'm so relieved that this Hellas version of the team is not ready for the pension, imagine Tachtsidis chosen to start two games earlier and Not Tziolis? How good is this Pelkas kid? The fact the Mids and wingers had roving commissions showed enterprise by Tsanas that shocked me. This is a side, with the inclusions of Manolas, Holebas starting ofcourse and Toro, could really rattle good sides. Add as benchies Bouchalakis and Petsos too. One question, does Maniatis stop that Hungarian Nemeth I think, from slicing between Samaris and Taxi? If so, he might get a spot ahead of Samaris.
  8. Ok boys fire up, last game of this very indifferent series. Lets get an unexpected win. I'm doing sprints right after this post. Pame paithia. Important game for team chemistry.
  9. Bring Manolas back, Tachtsidis @ DM, get Tziolis into a greek soap opera on Antenna, play our best player Fortounis and even start Mantalos as well. Remind Holebas to not throw his jersey down when he is spent as the cameras are on him, best put it around his shoulders instead.
  10. Gerkin/Tzatzikis=Girtzikis, beef and onion with my yeeros.
  11. Samaras should be at Sporting Lisbon by now. Get his ass back in, he is a big match player. Poor old Moras would of been hammered after that. Fetfa too many yeeroses in his last game. The sports administration have no legitimate reason to insist on this bloke Tsanas as part of someone's coaching structure. Sports minister must be a fick F***a.
  12. If sport is looked at as important enough, why is there not an enquiry into bum decision-making ie. the Schuster incident, Markarian taking off Fetfa for Kats when the game was in the balance and Fortounis today, not getting a look-in when he was in the team of the week, with all the big names, all around the world recently? How can the coach not be chastised for that and dismissed like the stupid Argentinian was? Rihanna Ranieri is streets ahead of both of these, his team is showing it on the field. He isn't Santos but as we know talk is cheap. bla bla Ranieri bla bla Ranieri bla. He can coac
  13. La Mendel, come back and tell us again how crap these player are again brah.
  14. Tziolos needs not run, he is the philosopher of the team. They all need one, he stands there so he can out-think the opposition. His mind is actually going at 100 miles p/hr.As for Samaris, we should stop criticizing him as he looks great in his sportscar and is an attractive individual. He can keep telling the girls he is a Greek international, like Mitro does. He is a must for this team!
  15. That seals it, Tsana gets a three year contract. And the EPO rejoice along with the fans ye!!!
  16. I'll make the bold prediction now, Greece 4-3 Anyone heard the horseracing skit by dudley moore and ken sterling? :box:
  17. Blatter & Platini financial. Who's going to be the first, hold on , I will. I will. Put your hard earned on them for investment and growth, most countries have. :smartass: :cw:
  18. Bento can be co-coach with Johnny Kosmina, of the Ethniki. Ella EPO, va ta kanonisete gia na esihasi oi koivovia mas.
  19. Great insights by all, I will add, guess who doesn't trust FIFA with anything-I don't!
  20. Who would fit the category of the no.8, box to box midfielder with some smarts about him for the ethniki? Not sure Kone has the motor, although he might have enough technical play, Samaris has the motor but not the smarts-maybe in afew years. Taxi doesn't have the motor, I feel that Ninis, Mantalos and Fortounis are AM's. Have to come up with new names people, or it might be that Maniatis, Kone and Lazaros are currently the best options. Doesn't fill me with alot of optimism. Don't like any of these as makeshift wingers either cause they don't play too well and people dispise them as a resu
  21. The EPO can Finally get their man Rodgers! He will have Kats as his assistant. Golden gen coming up.
  22. As the saying goes, a champion team will beat a team of champions, If Hellas play like champs, it would go against everything we have seen for over a year, but as they are our boys, I'll back them in and that includes Tziolis and Toro as well. Ideally, if Tziolis could translate the good club form into the internationals, having an experienced DM with class would be the missing piece the team needs, like a performing Kara or Kats used to do.
  23. Tziolis isn't technically up to internationals, with all his experience. The EPO are proven to be corrupt. I get your points. The facts are known by all posters, just buy in friend.
  24. There was a rumour that the opposition had a cardboard cut-out of the goal keeper cause he had to go for a pee. Then Tziolis scored. I don't believe that is the case though! It's probably a guy that is not a fan of his that made it up I'd say.
  25. With your formation, Original, Fortounis would go to the wing rather than Tachtsidis, when play spreads wide to the left. I reckon keep him at AM, or someone faster than Taxi perhaps to go out wider in a 4-4-2 formation. Like the idea of two guys up the front, so Mitro isn't left up there posted on his own.
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