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  1. Olive branch man, we go for the same national team. Let by-gons be by-gons. She is cuddly, she has put on alittle weight now. Hope our coach is a world-beater.
  2. Who are you to speak on everyone's behalf bitch? Akriti, you were chosen to have a small psoli, no auto correct. Just deal with your misfortune. Your boyfriend is loyal to you.
  3. Or have I mis-read this and your an ally? In that case, disreguard previous.
  4. Well Akkri, whats a pola? Is it something I put on your chin ??
  5. He's not gay Akri, but he is very happy. Although we like to leave things till last minute, look at the Olympics. My thio Stelio was picking the weeds out from around the northern end of the stadium whilst the 200m sprints were on! Now that can turn a person gay, or ungay maybe.
  6. When is this homo going to name his team?? Ange already picked his, and they all have had a first shave since already. Typical of Greek soccer. Finland will humble us cause we don't do professionalism good.
  7. When is this homo of a coach going to name the f,,, team?? Ange picked his team last week, and they have all had their first shave since already f....!!
  8. Whoever knows the Greece squad in full. gets to date my former supermodel girlfriend.
  9. Bravo re AEKARA, good man. our defensive system was park the fleet.
  10. I'm starting an argument now. Which James Bond is the best? Daniel Craig shits all over Sean Connery and the rest. If anyone disagrees, I'll smack 'em with my handbag and kick with my heels. I've never lost one either. :box:
  11. Comparing the recent past coaches is like saying which of these green apples are greener? Markarian replaced a white-hot Fetfatzidis with Katsouranis in the second half recently. The game ended up a draw against Hungary I think. That for me proves he needed to be thrown out and replaced by Tsanas, even before the match ended! We cant greek-dance around the fact we are in a painful re-building stage, I hope we have now re-built. I get a good feeling that the squad seems happy and a happy squad means 100% effort.
  12. Anyone know the Greece squad for this match. It's hidden FBI information, if it is infact chosen in full by now.
  13. With all the influence that comes from the EPO with team selections and sweetheart deals and the like, it would be advisable to ensure for the ethiki to thrive and progress as a team, that the admirable thing to do would be for them to kindly Piss Off, and leave the coach and team alone. They are filthy slimy snakes, that I would like to use as my man bag! I will stop short of calling them pricks this time.
  14. Well, if the economy is at the forefront of the national team's problems, then the players should have more resolve in their characters. Countries like argentina, brazil, mexico and uraguay etc, with massive gang violence and poverty, can spawn superior soccer teams. No excuses for Hellas, they held on to older guys too long, flogged a dead horse, and transition was a non-event. Coaching was not of the highest calibre either. A succession plan is so crucial in team sport, it gets you from no. 10 to no.44 if not treated seriously enough. Politicing, therefore the EPO have a lot to answer, in
  15. Did anyone else find that Mitroglou has come forward in leaps and bounds lately? It is no coincidence that when he reverted to no.1 and Not no.2 on the clippers, for the sides with his hair, along with the Mohawk, it goes without saying, he has picked up on confidence. I know that feeling of confinence when I'm off to the bouzoukia. God love you the other Mitro-panos!!
  16. Honestly Akri, I didn't know about Claudio the tinkerman, but since his tenure with Hellas, as head scratching as it was, looking at things now, its agreed there is an obviously glaring problem with the team still there. The problem that stands out for me, is that there was not a succession plan for when the older stars got moved on. When it gets to that stage, it can take some years. Our team can go from a probable top 10 team in the world to top 60 in a flash. If our midfield is not world class, we operate in a fine line, and fall fast. I hope Kyriakos can be his own man, and yet be the ne
  17. The sport of what if's. Supernatural efforts by Navas stopped us from going to final 8 at the world cup, and possibly then some. Hellas did really well. Now its time to head towards Russia. Is Toro more suited further in, if there at all, given he is currently captain, as was Salpi not that long ago too?
  18. C Ranieri is a genius. Leichester City won again!!
  19. So does that mean that you have basically lost all hope in Hellas being a chance. That is giving up, retreating like a coward. Is that you La?
  20. I would imagine the Greece squad gets picked in a week? A decent lot of midfielders, in particular an effective DM would go a long way as to how they perform this time around, as a team. A view towards Russia 2018 is the best way to choose the contenders. Should anyone be added to A Samaris, P Kone, P Tachtsidis, G Maniatis, like, K Fortounis, or anyone else?
  21. Hey Original Syd, the Euro snobs are up in arms over talk of Postacoglou making a good Greece coach,. How are they going to cope with an Aussie/Greek coaching successfully. This would Not be acceptable, un-euro like!! They would neck themselves if success occurred with this occurance. And why did Juventus only win by one over Aussie allstars at extra time, and the English teams not thrashing Aussie sides?? Oh, Germany was supposed to win 7-0 Why was it a draw vs. Socceroos? They will sit comfortable only if the same teams dominate all the time- eat s%$#!.
  22. Kostas Tsanas is our man now, lets back him in! :box:
  23. If a family chooses to migrate to a country, say Greece and they enjoy it's freedoms and western lifestyle and become citizens one way or another, they should give something back to the country that gave them their better choice life. My parents are of Greek origin, I love when Greece plays and keep hoping they become world class again. If I was in demand by Australia or Greece, and I played in Australian junior systems, and they invested in me, well, I would represent Australia. I don't know Marcelinho's story but if Greece can improve as a team with Marcelinho, Klonaridis and Holebas, well
  24. I watched the AS Roma vs Real Madrid ICC match that was played in Melbourne recently, Torotsidis looked cumbersome, slow for left back. If he is considered an international today, it is not at LB. He would resemble a CB or DM really. He has the size. Any takers?
  25. Oh well, back to the farm wih Kara. Heroics as a player, a burden as an assistant coach.
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