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  1. Is it fair to say, at DM, it is out of K Paps, Tachtsidis or Lagos. At CM, it is out of Samaris, Maniatis or Kone. At AM, it is out of Ninis, Kone, or a Very outside chance of Fortounis. Mantalos injured? So, the midfield, in Serge's eyes would be K Paps, Samaris and Ninis. I would prefer Kyriak at CB, in place of Manolas.
  2. I don't have a great knowledge of Mitroglou's allround game, but would he be a different player if the midfield set him up with more chances, therefore, Klaus or anyone else looking better too? What I do get is that he is a real sharp shooter, he doesn't want to create much or be too involved in movements. Does a typical stricker get involved in too many anyway, cause he would be reliant on being set up. No? Our midfield is more than likely our Achilles heal for a long time.
  3. As mentioned in a previous post, can V Torotsidis make a career move to DM? His experience and feisty nature would suit this. His crosses to the penalty box are substandard, sorry, although, he has many other good attributes. This way K Paps can be a gun CB again.
  4. Well played Jose Holebas on your new team Watford, newly promoted team to Premier League.
  5. I feel compelled to do this. I love these boythes, they're Greek, and they represent our heritage in sport. I'm picking a side,hang on! 4 1 3 2 formation - not set in stone. Kyriakos is good enough to be a DM on his own and Klona can be a second stricker. Vellidis Skondras Moras Sokratis © Holebas, Kyriakos (vc) Tachtsidis Fetfatzidis Fortounis Klonaridis Samaras
  6. I feel compelled to do this. I love these boythes, they're Greek, and they represent our heritage in sport. Hold on, I'm picking a side,hang on! 4 2 3 1 formation. Vellidis, Skondras, Moras, Sokratis ©, Holebas, Kyriakos (vc), Pn Tachtsidis
  7. I feel compelled to do this. I love these boythes, they're Greek, and they represent our heritage in sport. Hold on, I'm picking a side,hang on! 4 2 3 1 formation. Vellidis, Skondras, Moras, Sokratis ©, Holebas, Kyriakos (vc), Pn Tachtsidis
  8. Keep going boythes, I'm just turning the chops at this bbq. Someone get the haloumi!
  9. Giorgos Donis just lead Al Hilal to a championship just recently. If he can control these oil barons with massive egos, he can control Hellas. He is a winner then. Look, as long as the coach is 45-55 years of agee, the players will want to play for him. Not a 75 year old, or it may as well be Frank Lowy or Sepp Blatter then.
  10. You can join the army and the players that aren't putting in, can join you. and your 20 cent comment lefka. We either believe that the team are better than that, and aren't putting in, or we accept that they are Not good enough and Faroe Islands are better, and would beat us again. Which one is it? I gauge that most people on this forum believe the ethnici should of won cause they are better. Even a suggestion a 2nd string team should wipe them too. So, players must put in and stop looking to attract attention.
  11. Anyone know when Kyriakos is due back, this left a gaping hole like the Grand Canyon, by not being available against that new football power Faroes.
  12. Are you serious Asteras, the players refused to train at 6:30 and revolted??? The more I read, the more I find out about the ethnici's attitude problem, the more the underlying reasons for the performances become increasingly evident. They can't just blame anyone else but themselves now. They must learn humility cause they are not buying in with this coach either. Sergio must schedule 6:30 training sessions as standard from now, and which ever player opens his mouth to remotely criticize this change, to be told to pack his bags and piss off! Certain coaching staff too if necessary! Do it
  13. And I thought when Ranieri was replaced, the EPO will do the right thing, so they go and sign up a 73 yr old. Soon we will need to start again cause he also does not inspire young people. There are models that work. The team Must be between around 22-28, with the odd older. Maybe two- three players, and not 35ish. Ethnici also need a coach 45-55 years old-max. Young men, even with egos, buy-in with a leader not too old and deemed past it. Which m---a signed this fellow? What the ethnici also need to try others, leave out Kone, Christodoulopoulos, Tziolis, Katsouranis, Vyntra, Torotsidis and
  14. Four games to go for four wins. Spartans, gird your loins!! We go to battle!
  15. If Fortounis is infact ruled out, tarnished fingernail or tan went orange or something, SEEERG baby should not muck about and opt for Takis Fyssas or Dimitrios Papadopoulos to replace him. They won euro in '04 so this way we stick with experienced mids, crucial infact. Leave it to Karagounis to organise.
  16. You know, sto kato kato, the selecting of the national teams over the years, like now, even though there has been success at times, with all the oldies still getting a run, reminds me of a group of friends going to a rave party in 70's gear, and everyone is 18-22 years of age. They ask for marujiana, they get laughed at, and told there are only pills, and told they are kidding, they are geriatrics! We must get with the times. A successful model for player squads is proven to be 22-28 years of age, with the ODD 30 year old. That's the model. Now fit the names into that model. Fullstop!!!! Nee
  17. Boythes, I feel like we are all related, talking around the souvla with the beers crapping on, agreeing, disagreeing and perving at the attractive spouses. It would be an advantage to play a 4 3 3 formation but, the gameplan won't be a high line, or up-tempo possession based style. Looks too defensive with Kats and Tziolis in the mix. 4 2 3 1 looks like it will end up. Samaris would take on the Maniatis role, maybe box to box mid. Taxi, Ninis with the skill, Kone with something, Fetta with the olives. We have a chance out there. Kyriakos will be missed. Well done on his transfer in Bundesliga.
  18. Based on the track record for the National Team on a consistency basis, Katsouranis, Tziolis, Tavlaridis and Vyntra still got in the squad. I, like everyone else, want to give a new coach the benefit of the doubt, till we are all worn down. Then, we let him have it, as per usual. Why wait till after the fact this time? He is a decorated coach, but I'm only interested in what he shows now. He just showed he has no structure to offer for the future, no hard edge. Therefore, he is a mal. Hope we win anyway. The younger guys of the future in the squad would be the reason, if Greece win.
  19. Lazo, Kone, Katsouranis, Vyntra, take your pick. All not starters based on a long journey of not overly-inspiring efforts.Nothing flippant about them pal.
  20. Chris, is it a better option to have the like of Fetfatzidus, Tachtsidis, Ninis or Fortounis in midfield, and use the like of Samaris as a runner on the wings, later in the second half of matches? Throw in Kone and Lazaros in these roles. These types don't have a high skill factor in comparison to the first lot. I don't think Samaras will be used on the wing ever again. He has made the permanent progression to CF, or even bench now, speed is not his fortay.
  21. The answer is yes, Serg will pick his team. It will happen at halftime of the match. This is to keep us all guessing. Professionalism usually Just escapes our heritage team. We should having our players flying in as we speak! Training on Thursday with desperation. We don't do desperation I guess.
  22. I'm convinced Ellas would win if the coach promised each player72 virgins each, and 5000 hectares of land with lots of cattle! Get on this.
  23. If Karagounis over-steps his mark of just motivating and encouraging, by being too influential, kick him out. It's Sergio's team now. Oost! na poume.
  24. Too right Akritis. Under-estimating national teams only exposes one's naivety to the game. If Hellas win 5-0, all well and good. If they go into the match expecting to do this, they will lose 3-0. All in the attitude.
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