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  1. JVS seems not to care about game time anymore because now he understands what is needed against a powerhouse like Spain. Manolas is still recovering from injury and Sokratis has just started to play. Nothing has been reported about Siovas at the moment but we’ll see in the coming weeks. Our first game is 3 weeks away. The call ups should be announced by next week.
  2. From this article, it seems Sokratis might return to the national team. It also seems that JVS is changing his way of selecting players... https://www.sportime.gr/podosfairo/ethniki-omada/papastathopoulos-ethniki-i-krousi-gia-epistrofi-ke-i-proti-antidrasi/
  3. Well said. They did do a service for the team. I’m also in agreement in if the attitude is poor then they shouldn’t be in the team. That goes for all players. Everyone does deserve 2nd chances also. JVS has done well, I don’t disagree with that but he has been doing some questionable things too. Ok playing Hatzidiakos or Lampropoulos didn’t work but why call up an actual RB in Rota and not play him or why play him for like only 10 minutes? Mavrias who doesn’t play a lot gets picked over other players who have played that position longer and are actually playing week in and week out like K
  4. I can’t remember hearing this from them. I don’t think they mentioned any names. If they did can you please remind me because all I remember was that they demanded the EPO to make changes and get rid of the coach. Or otherwise they would leave the team.
  5. But the point is if Sokratis and Manolas didn’t say anything than who would. Everything starts from the top. Ofcourse they are going to have a bad attitude. The EPO are very incompetent, especially when it comes to the national team. They were right in standing up for the team. Are they supposed to not say a word and let the EPO keep sabotaging the national team? They’ve must've been holding there frustrations in for so long that they couldn’t take it anymore. I’ve never heard or seen Manolas whining about anything regarding Siovas and the national team. All he said was that he has
  6. There’s no evidence to suggest that Manolas doesn’t want to play for the national team. JVS hasn’t picked him because he wanted to see other players. Now that his job is on the line a player like Manolas will be needed in these qualifiers. I agree we should be looking to replace Sokratis, Mitroglou and Samaris are all getting old and we need to find younger players for the future. They are in a different boat to Manolas. Svarnas, Lampropoulos, Tzavellas and Stafylidis won’t take us to the World Cup. We struggled to even come 1st in a easy nations league group. It won’t get easier against
  7. Why? Douvikas is on fire. He’s just the type of striker Greece needs. Mitroglou, Pavlidis and Giakoumakis are all very similar. Big target men. Douvikas on top of finishing, offers loads of pace and skill and can play football. He also presses well and wins possession. Ok, Androutsos isn’t really a RB but he offers a lot of versatility. Can play nearly everywhere and is a good footballer. Very underrated Greek player. You have to see how Ninis has played recently. We have no other midfielder like him. It’s a shame how his career has turned out but at this moment he’s the only one at
  8. I couldn’t be more thrilled. We will need him to get through these qualifiers. The funny thing is he has been out injured for the last few weeks. It shows that JVS is desperate and he understands that if he wants to keep his job he will need to call him up. I don’t think Mitroglou is useful anymore. Unless he starts doing Giakoumakis numbers.
  9. The more game the Ethniki play the better. I love it.
  10. But why? We need him especially against Spain. Do you think Tzavellas, Michailidis, Svarnas and Lampropoulos can do the job? There’s no way. Manolas pace and the level he’s playing at is needed. As long as he has a good attitude it will be fine.
  11. @Pana_For_Life you make good points. We need to play our best players and I think JVS is starting to realise it. Now that he’s considering Manolas, I will always put Manolas in my team selections on the forums. This is the 23 man squad I’d choose.. Vlachodimos Androutsos Manolas Mavropanos Tsimi Ninis Zeca Masouras Fortounis Tzolis Douvikas Subs: Giakoumakis, Barkas, Dioudis, Alexandropoulos, Ioannidis, Mantalos, Goutas, Michailidis, Bouchalakis, Lykogiannis, Limnios, Giannoulis. That’s the best currently in my opinion. I know some guys are think
  12. I don’t know why Manolas would be more of a long shot to call up than Sokratis. Manolas is younger and is in the prime of his career. Sokratis on the other hand seems like he is declining. He wasn’t overly impressive against PSV. Mavropanos or Retsos would be the way to go than Sokratis I think. I think against teams like Spain, Manolas will be needed. He has speed, experience and is playing at the top level. Against Georgia and teams like that Hatzidiakos, Retsos and Michailids can play. I just hope JVS sets us up to score a goal or 2. I know against Spain it will be hard but he has to
  13. Hello @Euro04Kings and welcome aboard. First off I love to see people post and share there ideas and opinions on the team. I see that you like to put Lykogiannis at CM. It’s an interesting thought. I thought when Kyriakopoulos played CM for Greece he looked very good. Anyways I feel like your line ups and formation tells me that we should park the bus against Spain. I’d like to see us go for it instead sitting back all game. We have to take into account that Spain will be missing a few key players. Ramos and Fati are not available I think. I forgot the other player. I’m not a fan of seein
  14. Koulouris, Kourbelis, Stafylidis and Bakakis shouldn’t be called up in my opinion. Douvikas who is having an excellent season should be in the team instead of Koulouris. It doesn’t matter that he plays for Volos, he’s shown way more this season. Regarding Giakoumakis, he’s our most inform striker at the moment. Pavlidis who I like shouldn’t start over him. I also hope we see Tzolis on the left wing instead of Mantalos. Give Tzolis 2 full 90 minute games to see what he’s got.
  15. Not a bad group. Should get 2nd.
  16. Michailidis has more potential than Svarnas and Lampropoulos. We shouldn’t count out Michailidis yet. The others is understandable as we have better options. Even Goutas and Risvanis are better.
  17. In my opinion Giannoulis is a solid back up to Tsimikas. If Tsimikas is not available then Giannoulis should be playing. I like Giannoulis, non stop running with and without the ball and excellent crossing. He needs to work on his defensive side to his game which i don’t think is that bad, but he’s just as good as Tsimikas going forward. I would rather play actual wingers than having a LB play there. Tzolis is our most inform winger and the coach shouldn’t ignore him. He has scored and assisted more than our other wingers. I actually think we have great wingers and LBs who are consi
  18. I’d rather start Mantalos or Pelkas at 10. If that’s not working then bring Fortounis on to do some damage. The opposition would be more tired as the game goes on and Fortounis would have a good amount of energy for 60 or so minutes to do some damage. Maybe Fortounis shouldn’t start. He doesn’t run enough and looks lazy at times. He is easy to mark out of a game as he isn’t that fast (as seen in the game against Porto.) Think about it, he is our star player and teams know that. Bringing him on off the bench maybe the right approach. Especially against better opposition. Against teams like Geor
  19. What’s happened to Donis? Also Pavlidis to me needs more time. There’s something there with him. He does well in the Netherlands. It doesn’t help when you have a very limited player like Bakasetas behind him. That position is very important in helping the team in scoring and creating. Need someone with skill, some pace and intelligence. I don’t know why he plays him. Especially when you got 2 other midfielders who aren’t great passers of the ball and who I think are only ball winners and not ball technicians. On top of that every other player is playing out of position like Fortoun
  20. Hopefully he starts gaining momentum. I know he’s been without a club for a while and is hitting 31, but he still offers something after the few games I’ve seen him play. He has a lot to do still to get a call up but what have Bouchalakis/Kourbelis/Zeca done so special for us? We need an 8 who is technical and someone who can spray nice passes with vision. Who can do it the way he can? Your not going to get that from our current CMs. We should be desperate to find someone who can offer these things...if not him or Mantalos then who is it going to be? Galanopoulos hasn’t got enough v
  21. I’m open to playing at Rizoupoli. I don’t know when fans will be back but for now Rizoupoli seems fine. I just hope the pitch is fine to play on.
  22. I agree file. Mantalos being played deep can help us more in attack. He is no left winger. He is more of a technical dribbler. Not a speed dribble rwho has the speed to take the ball the down the line past defenders like a Limnios, Chatzigiovannis and Donis can. He seems someone like Fortounis that can get out of tight spaces and put in a good through ball. That’s why Mantalos is better off at CAM or deeper at CM. Ive seen him at AEK a bit play deeper and he looked good. Same thing can be said about Ninis. He played CM against Olympiakos and put in a great performance. Tackled well,
  23. JVS has to think about his line ups going forward. We can’t be playing Bakasetas at CAM. Bakakis/Mavrias is not the answer at RB. Also Kourbelis shouldn’t be an automatic starter. We need to find the right replacements. Tzavellas and Svarnas will get destroyed against Spain and Sweden. Kosovo weren’t that easy when played against them. He has to seriously look into the talent pool and find the replacements. Manolas and Siovas can’t be ignored. Even Ninis who had a great game against Olympiakos shouldn’t be ignored. Tzolis who is the most inform Greek attacker at the moment should be star
  24. Thank you for your reply. Can you please refresh my memory as I don’t think I’ve ever seen Mantalos play as an 8 for the national team... Most of the time he’s played at left wing (which he hasn’t been the most effective in my opinion)and very rarely at CAM. He should be playing his natural position at CAM.
  25. I agree we need to play 1 defensive midfielder at all times. We should shift Mantalos as an 8. He’s not good on the left wing and isn’t our best CAM at the same time. He doesn’t score a lot so moving him deeper in midfield to give an attacking spark might be the solution. Bouchalakis is too slow, Kourbelis isn’t good on the ball and lacks vision. Zeca is just a workhorse and that’s about it. Regarding Galanopoulos, I’d take him over any of those 3 I just mentioned. He’s still young and can improve even more. After seeing Olympiakos play against Marseille, I think Fortounis isn’t as
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