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  1. Well said Dean97, Faore will 100percent park the bus and to be honest for them they have been very successful in doing so as the have not gotten blown out at all the campaign they've actually kept every game close. To be honest Greece needs to take this game very seriously because if they start looking ahead to September before this game is done then they are in trouble. Faroe knows there's no chance in hell of qualifying so there goal is not to finish last in the group. The Ethniki better be ready for this game because it WONT be a cake walk. This is with out a doubt the FINAL chance for the
  2. I'm with you original 21 just win I don't care if it goes of the referees head at this point.
  3. Realistically it shouldn't matter if we play this game on sand if we fail to win we don't deserve to go to the Euros and we deserve the huge slide in FIFA rankings.
  4. Honestly if Finland beat Hungary and we beat Faroe we are back in this thing.
  5. Guys to give up, yes it's hard but in June if we beat Faroe and Hungary lose or even tie against Finland all of a sudden we are 3 or 4 Points out. I still think this greek team will find away to get into the playoffs. I can totally see Hungary getting 2 ties 2 losses and one win in there last 5 and us going 4 wins one tie
  6. No the best third place team makes it in, all other third place teams play a playoff, no 3rd place team is left out.
  7. It can go a couple different ways at the end of the day to control our own destiny by having the last game against Hungary count we just need to make up 3 points on Hungary because then if we win the last game against them we get third spot on head to head matches. Even though we'd be tied in points, so even if Hungary beat Finland as long as we win we are still alive. Even if Hungary beat Finland but lose to Romania and tie Northern Ireland and beat Faroe Islands that would give them 7 points before facing Greece for a total of 15points, even if we won 3 games and tied one that gives us 12 p
  8. Who out here still thinks Greece can qualify?
  9. All I know Samaris should not be starting I never thought he was good to begin with he's an average to below average player at best
  10. It is pretty bad that we cant produce at least one striker in all these years, in saying that I don't think the Euros are done yet realistically I think the coach did a descent job, yes he made some bad decisions with our subs but in all fairness he's had no time with the team, and we played decent ball even though we lacked finish, do you guys really see Hungary winning 4 out 5 games? I can see them losing two games and as long as we get 4 wins and a tie we are in the playoffs, let's hope Finland beat Hungary or at worst tie them. Hungary still have Romania at home and norther Ireland and Fin
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