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  1. Greece in my opinion is finished, Karagounis is selfish, we need goals we don't need kats or vyntra And tziolis??? Really?? Is Segio turning into a yes man? Without xolebas we might barley sneak by Faroe which even that will be difficult but going forward we are finished, I do like Ninis/fortounis/fetfa on a positive note. Wtf is the issue with xolebas? We need him if we are serious about making a miracle run to try and get 3rd.
  2. ^ that would be ideal, I still don't want to look ahead I only want to focus on the Faroe Islands because I don't think it's going to be an easy victory, are we do for a win yes are we do to score yes, but The Faroe Islands have kept every game close, and honestly by no means is this going to be a cake walk, I'm actually worried about this game, at this point I don't think we should be looking ahead, we need to focus one game at a time and try to crawl back into this some how, but I do agree with you were it would be great to be all square after two games
  3. If Kargagounis has a say and it turns out that he in fact leaves Holebas out then any respect I had for the guy is out the window he will be a selfish piece of s%$#! in my mind, Yes he was a leader and a warrior for us and guys would lean on his leader ship but he always was a selfish player and honestly he was good but he wasn't a world class talent by any means. Makaranian and Kargounis have to put the best possible players at each position and that includes Holebas.
  4. Wtf, you might not care if Holebas isn't in but he is our best player at his position he can be very dynamic with his speed at times, now in saying that we need to keep our back end the exact same and the only changes that need to be made are, Klaus, Kats, Samaris, and Lazaro's, don't start experimenting right now do that in the friendlies, we need to win this game or we are dead as far as the euros, Even though I'm not a huge fan I think Mitroglou needs to be in there and Ninis would be good with his creativity alongside Fetfa, is Samaras not an option? If he is I'd like to see him in ther
  5. Why do you think any striker would do? If that was the case then why didn't we score on them at home when they beat us 1-0 in GREECE? We have to approach this game with a different attitude not the attitude that any striker will do or any system will do or that the 3 points are in the bag. If we have the mentality we are toast.. I'm not saying the Islands are a good team but either are we right now, the Islands put a scare against Romania and have kept almost every game within one goal, we need guys that can score because honestly I don't have any confidence in any of our forwards right now.
  6. As we get closer to this game I find myself getting a little more nervous and then I have to slap myself and say if we can't get 3 points and dominate this match then I don't want to see this team in the Euros they definitely won't deserve it so I would rather save us the embarrassment. Bottom line get 3 points or Shut up and change your entire soccer system. I don't want any excuses after this match like we dominated or we hit 4 posts or they parked the bus, the excuses stop right now show up and win or shut the F*** up and finish last.
  7. ^ Even though chances are slim we do still have a small chance, but we cannot drop anymore points pretty much all wins from here on in. if we don't get 3 points against the Islands who will park the bus and play for the tie we are finished.
  8. You have SOME valid points but in all fairness I don't give a s%$#! who you are if you get so badly out played against bottom feeder teams and lose at HOME against the Faroe Islands you need to lose your job because there is clearly a problem, Yes he had injuries but that's not an excuse he should have been able to beat the Faroe Islands with our B line up. He tried to change to much to fast our system was all over the place, guys looked lost out there and out of position there was clearly no game plan and if there was the coach should of recognized it right away and changed
  9. ^ I think the more concerning questions to ask is why the hell are you wearing "skinny jeans"
  10. ^ Wtf lol, I see how that could side track you... I agree with Chris that it seems like we need multiple chances to score and all the other teams capitalize on one or two chances which does put us at a disadvantage and that is because we are not use to dominating matches with possession we get nervous when we have the ball in an attacking situation, but let's not forget it use to be the other way around and I'm not talking about playing minnows either this goes back a long ways where Greece would get dominated and then finally after a counter or a set piece we would find a way to score, for
  11. Honestly after the way they've played I should have no confidence and faith that they can pull this off but for some reason I think they're going to sneak in. I deserve to get blasted from you guys for my stupid optimism.
  12. ^ I would normally agree with you but I'm pretty sure Romania would love to be the team that officially eliminates Greece from the Euro just as a pay back for us doing that to them for the World Cup.
  13. Greece predictions Faore islands 0 Greece 2 Greece 1 Finland 0 Romania 1 Greece 1 Northern Ireland 0 Greece 1 Greece 2 Hungary 1 * Secure 3rd place
  14. So by your guys comments i would assume you're saying we won't beat Faoroe Islands?
  15. Honestly even though I liked Santos I don't think he gave Ninis a fair shot at becoming a regular for the Ethniki, if you know the kid has potential you need give him some time, you can't play him like a yo yo and dress him for one game and sit him for 4 and so on. I think if we were patient with him in regards to the national team he could of become an important piece on the national team, I'm not saying it's to late for Ninis but we have a habit of giving up on kids very early before they actually develop.
  16. Chris I agree now is not the time to experiment put down your best possible line up and experiment with guys in the friendly.
  17. If Mitroglou is healthy would you guys start him?? I think I would in the Faroe game
  18. Well said Dean97, Faore will 100percent park the bus and to be honest for them they have been very successful in doing so as the have not gotten blown out at all the campaign they've actually kept every game close. To be honest Greece needs to take this game very seriously because if they start looking ahead to September before this game is done then they are in trouble. Faroe knows there's no chance in hell of qualifying so there goal is not to finish last in the group. The Ethniki better be ready for this game because it WONT be a cake walk. This is with out a doubt the FINAL chance for the
  19. I'm with you original 21 just win I don't care if it goes of the referees head at this point.
  20. Realistically it shouldn't matter if we play this game on sand if we fail to win we don't deserve to go to the Euros and we deserve the huge slide in FIFA rankings.
  21. Honestly if Finland beat Hungary and we beat Faroe we are back in this thing.
  22. Guys to give up, yes it's hard but in June if we beat Faroe and Hungary lose or even tie against Finland all of a sudden we are 3 or 4 Points out. I still think this greek team will find away to get into the playoffs. I can totally see Hungary getting 2 ties 2 losses and one win in there last 5 and us going 4 wins one tie
  23. No the best third place team makes it in, all other third place teams play a playoff, no 3rd place team is left out.
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