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  1. Time to start dropping into the 100's in the FIFA rankings
  2. Lol I've never seen a worse Greek team they are an embarrassment to lose 2-0, where the F*** do we go from here? We are the new MINNOWS
  3. Lol omgggggggggggggg, when we do score it's not counted, wtf is going on
  4. Lol omgggggggggggggg, when we do score it's not counted, wtf is going on
  5. The funny thing is if we won both games against Faore islands like every other team in our group will end up doing we would be at 8points 3 behind Hungary, we have sunk to a know low, our FIFA rankings are going to hit rock bottom. We reall are awful.
  6. We do belong at the bottom of this group, we are a joke of a team
  7. This is pathetic they look like s%$#!, there life is on the line and they come out like this against Faroe, they should be dominating them. Horrible
  8. Omg they are all over us wow they almost scored wtf
  9. F*** 9 points out, oh well let's get the 3 points here and we'll see what happens in September.
  10. ^ you're right just talking out of frustration
  11. It's over Hungary scores no point to even watch the Greece game now
  12. F*** Hungary are getting great chances
  13. Just got home and now I'm watching the Finland Hungary game and so far Hungary is dominating them
  14. ^i don't know what sport you've been watching over the last decade? Yes we've been good and maybe overachieved in some areas, a good franchise and team that is good year after year that builds dynasties only are done one way and that is by introducing new young blood to play on a big stage with some veterans to gain experience and confidence and slowly over time you develop your young guys and start bringing them in and fading out the veterans and this needs to be done consistently to be a successful franchise and not to drift away and become a bottom feeder, I have respect for what Santos di
  15. I hope Finland win but honestly Hungary have dominated them in there history, but you never know, don't forget guys Hungary have there eyes on 2nd in the group they will push and be hard to beat.
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