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  1. Van Schip couldn't coach a club team to win something in Australia. I give him another 4 games till he is gone. He should never been appointed coach in the first place. I would say Ouzounidis is afar better coach then Schip
  2. He will last 6 months not longer what a joke of a pick of a nt coach
  3. Grammenos has to go van schip who failed as coach with an a league team if favourite for Greece what a joke
  4. If he doesn’t go then we are a joke losing to Armenia in Greece what a disgrace
  5. I hope the coach does not go on there with something of experimental line up and we chasing the game. I don't have confidence in anastasiadis as most people have on here
  6. Why doesn’t koukouris start am I the only one who doesn’t think bouchlakis should be there
  7. Bakaseta better not be a starter against Bosnia. someone else should have came on for kolovos
  8. What does bakaseta offer this Greek team how is he a starter I don’t know
  9. I have heard something about wanting to make into a Greek the centre forward of Panionios Demaralashi or what ever his name is . Don't we have enough greek centre fowards
  10. I hope we do well but I think we need a coach that knows the way football is played this decade not someone like anastasiadis. I hope we don't struggle to beat Liechenstein
  11. I bet anastasiadis doesn’t make it too qualfying rounds the will go after a foreio
  12. santos and otto were a breath of fresh air compared to our last coaches. Anastasiadis is so out of tune of the way football is being played now days its not funny.
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