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  1. His record isn't great sacked by legia Warsaw after 3 months
  2. We need much better players cause we got a dud coach
  3. the difference was he had a great side that he coach this team has a lot of duds in it
  4. the real alarming stat will be if we get another coach it will be 5 in one year. I hope this time they make the right choice in coach. But for someone to come they would want class players not duds like we have now
  5. nah jvc the teams in the 80s would thump this side this is nearly the worse olympiakos side in the last 35 years or so. Marinakis is gonna be in for a shock olympiakos fans are waking up either u bring in quality players or they will drive u out. I wanted panionios too win the league maybe then fat boy might get a reality check
  6. so thats marinakis fault no coach will come if he doesn't buy top notch players why do u think silva left for
  7. Leali out of the 4 goals the Turks have scored in the tie gifted 3 of them
  8. is tzolis getting regular game time for hearts. I agree on retsos . Zeca bring expereince
  9. one of those our former coach neglected scores a bullet header
  10. and it cost bento his job he practicualy after the game blame the doikisi for selling the players now we got coach no 4
  11. why was asarifad started on the bench for palto Cardozo also marinakis coming out saying fans cant abuse the coach the way he is going no one will show up at karaisikaki well done to panionios
  12. Asanrifad has done more in one game that Cardozo has done in a whole year
  13. if he goes I hope asarifad gets a game cause under bento he has been screwed by bento love for cardozo
  14. The coach doesn't like him and tsori is kapino is injured
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