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  1. We have started winning away from home in the cl. I think hasi stuffed up with his formation in the first half he played with no defensive mid fielder also pardo should have came on early. whipping boy we didn't get hammered sporting are a good club
  2. Every year mirallas is comming to us
  3. We lucky they ain't a better side or else we would be in trouble
  4. is this zile player any good cause hasi wanted him so bad
  5. http://www.sport-fm.gr/article/podosfairo/kleinei-amesa-ton-milits-o-olumpiakos/3377462 we about to sign this guy as left back how many left back do we need
  6. Carcela looks good so does emenike good we doing transfers early
  7. Is standard a better team then paok something doesn't add up
  8. He wanted to Get paid in euros not Russian currency
  9. We need a few more players funny the players we sign ain't the ones the papers say
  10. We could have picked up last year but bento picked Cardozo
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