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  1. In all fairness it makes no sense not to send a team given the point deduction next season if they don't. Send a youth team, will still send a message
  2. Sure, Ketsbaia may be a good fit, I'm sure other coaches can do the job. But, new players, a new transition period, a new style of play, puts us behind before we even start the season...
  3. Does anybody want a coach for more than a season and a roster that doesn't totally change each year... So pissed off at AEK management and AEK as a club right now. Why can't we just be BETTER!
  4. So, so disappointed. In my opinion he was a great coach for AEK, had passion and could attract good players to the club (if he had any money to spend). I understand AEK can't over spend, but this is bullshit. Poor decision but a club and league that is a joke. Hopefully no future signings ask Poyet how the SuperLeague is.... Thank you Gustavo for igniting passion in the team, playing good football and giving us a top 3 finish!
  5. This topic has been open for over 10 years. I can't see this happening, not whilst Syriza is in power and Greece is in the state it is. The only possibility is if Meli builds it himself, which he won't...
  6. That's assuming AEK win which will be difficult
  7. Any live streams? Thanks you
  8. Did anyone watch the game? I saw Bougaidis played for them? How did he play? Looking at the remaining games we'll be lucky to have a two point advantage over Pao. They have very winnable games, only hard game is away to Asteras. If we win 3 of our games and beat Panionios there is a good chance we will start with 4 points. Such a stupid system!!
  9. Good to get the win, I've got no problem with them dropping the tempo. Good that Johansson got a rest. It shows where we are with strikers, Chrisantus was on our bench last night :( We must sign a quality striker in the summer! Must!
  10. Must win game, we have to score early!
  11. Indicative of where Greek football is at.... Olympiakos is a big fish in a small pond... Until the superleage becomes clean and competitive this will happen to all teams in Europe until we don't have Champs League at all...
  12. No one actually believes it's going to happen.... No with the mentality of a lot of Greeks, politics and the financial situation....
  13. It is a stupid concept and stupid system. Let's say hypothetically we finish 17 points clear of 5th, 14 points clear of 4th and 9 points clear of 3rd. It would look like this... AEK - 3 points X - 2 points Y - 1 point Z - 0 How can you finish basically 3, 5 and 6 wins clear of 2,3 and 4 and only start with a one point lead? What's the point of playing the season? This is not because I support AEK, if any team was in the same position I would feel the same. It should be 1 point for every 3 points you are clear of 5th!!! I think that's what it was last season when we played off to get promoted?
  14. Very bad conditions, can't believe the game was played. Huge game next week. If we win second should be ours. It's important to be as many points clear for the playoffs though. Can someone remind me how the point allocation system works for the playoffs?
  15. Such an important game for us, must win with Panathinaikos next week! We have been in this position a few times this season where we could have extended our lead but we lost. Surely Baroja will start over Anesti after he played last week. We need to find a way to win, I don't care how!
  16. I agree they won't care, but if you ask any Oly fan what's more important, AEK or Anderlecht you know what they'll all say. The league was won a long time ago, they'll get more money from advancing in Europe. That's not to say I don't think they'll try, I just think they may be a bit preoccupied, hopefully...
  17. What do Oly have to play for other than pride? Surely they will have one eye on the Anderlecht game next week! I hope we play well, but most of all no s%$#! from our fans....
  18. Second dokari Veria at the end. My stream wasn't great but I think Anesti made a good save onto the post for the first! Watching the game, as soon as we scored the 2nd we stopped playing and let the attack. No stand out players, I can see why Aravidis starts over Djebbour, when he came on he was just walking around... Nothing special, 3 points and we move on. A tricky game away at Atromitos next week, another must win! Good to see Platellas get some game time!
  19. Arzo scored, 2m offside, no goal
  20. Clear Handball, second yellow, red Veria
  21. 3-0, penalty Bounanotte, saved, Mandalos scored the rebound
  22. Vargas off, Bounanotte on, 79 min
  23. Barbosa off, Platellas on, 66 min Hopefully the injury isn't too bad
  24. Barbosa looks like he's hurt his right knee, fingers crossed....
  25. Aravidis off, Djebbour on, 56 min
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