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  1. St Eitienne $1.60 Draw $2.60 AEK $4.50 Let?s not underestimate how difficult this is going to be. As Original said, an away goal would be priceless! I can see us putting all our numbers behind the ball. Does anyone know if it will be on BeIn Australia? PAME AEK!
  2. I don't think Almeida will start, will go with Pekhart. I also doubt Pasticho will get any game time either... Will be a very hard game, can't concede early and as you said an away goal and a respectable scoreline would be gold! Interesting how a few seasons ago we were all Greek and now we only have three, five max in the starting lineup. Bakasetas doesn't get a run?
  3. How long is the contract? 1 year? ?1m, seems a lot!! He`s only 32 so if he can find some form it could be a great signing. It`s a risk though.... At least we have someone....
  4. A very tough draw, not what I'd hoped for. We have a small chance, but with the 4th round still to come I don't like our chances. As said before, we we can get an away goal we are a chance, however, without a striker if we go down 2-0 or more I don't see us being able to manage more than 1-0 at home... We must defend well, it's unfortunate we don't play harder friendly games to prepare. Fingers crossed, I'll be watching. PAME AEK!!!
  5. Great news, really excited to see him play. Hopefully he doesn't have to play out of position. We really need two strikers in my opinion, one of real quality like a Berg... We can't have another season without a quality striker...
  6. Che, I agree with you on Cordero. His injuries the last few seasons haven't helped. I think as a club AEK need to show him loyalty given the loyalty he gave us when we were relegated. At worst he is a very solid bench option!
  7. How do the playoff standings work? If AEK win and PAOK and Pao draw, do we finish on top because of our final ladder position? Otherwise is it on head to head in the play offs or goal difference?
  8. Maybe they'll wait until the end of the playoffs so they don't disrupt the team? Surely we need someone who is better than just decent or convenient!
  9. Very interesting game, hard to keep now what to expect given the team is so tired. I think we have to play other players. The way it stands we need to win our last three, that will guarantee top!
  10. PAME AEK! Great result. The ref was good, Vargas with both assists. Hopefully this gives us confidence for the playoffs!!! Massive game against Panionios on Friday!Happy I got up for it, almost 4am here!
  11. 2-1.... Anesti should have saved... Will be lots of extra time
  12. Since Babakis has come on we have shut up shop and stopped playing football. It makes sense, but it's inviting Oly to attack.... Not good to watch, time wasting etc
  13. I agree, where else to they play a cup final midweek without fans. Still important for us as a club!
  14. Good ball by Vargas for the goal
  15. Great save by Anesti, Djebbour was through on goal, got brought down in the box. The defender didn't get the ball but I don't think it was a penalty. Oly 65% AEK 35% possession. Huge 2nd half! Simoes yellow and Aravidis yellow which worries me...
  16. Loala working, 1-0, PAME!!!!!
  17. Not that I can see. s%$#! Greek football, I'd happily pay for an account like you can for all other major sports to watch as a non EU resident... Bullshit
  18. Not that I can see... Anything?
  19. Going to get up for it, 1:30 my time. Any links please post. PAME AEK!!
  20. I don't like the idea of play offs but the fact other countries are doing it seems to indicate we should (Belgium, Nedlands, Scotland etc). The reason it is a farce, along with the whole league is the four presidents, EPO, the government and Greek mentality. There is never any change, no solutions and only problems and endless roadblocks. I wonder if meaningful change, not just in football, will ever happen in Greece. Sadly I can't see it happening. We can't hang our hat on creating democracy forever.....
  21. Unfortunately, I agree with you Greekfreak. I use to set my alarm for 2, 3am in the morning to watch, if I was lucky enough to get a stream. It makes me angry so I don't think I'll watch any more, maybe I'll pick a team to follow properly in the EPL.
  22. I think the owners of the big four overall are negative for Greece and the SuperLeague. All they care about is themselves. In saying that I'm glad Meli took over and am aware we could still be in B Ethniki.... He must spend some money now we are going to Europe, not heaps, but some. Also, he has to pull some strings and make the stadium happen.... Just for the record, AEK finished 3rd
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