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  1. Does anyone have any links? Game starts in 45 minutes, an interesting lineup, quite attacking!
  2. Must win, end of story. I feel like if you look at our team we have talent and depth in every position if everyone is fit and confident. We just haven't been able to put it together. Hopefully this run under Manolo will continue to the end of the season!
  3. Really pleasing to see, however Levadiakos didn't look interested. We play Platanias away next week on 7 Feb, then at home on 28 Feb. A really good opportunity to make the semi’s Xanthi v PAOK should be an interesting tie!
  4. Wow, very interesting lineup. Will be interested to see how we play. At least Jiminez is trying some players
  5. We're through and top which is the main thing. Not impressive but we did enough. When is the draw for the next round? Platellas must be really out of favour?
  6. Fair call on Johansen, maybe that's more a reflection on our lack of creative tallent going forward (except Mandalos). Injuries have definitely hurt us as well!
  7. Very frustrating, sums up our season so far. We simply don't have the depth. What do you really expect of a season when you change coach 5 games in? I don't blame Morais and I think we need to give him the season and January transfer window to prove himself. Too much knee jerk reaction in Greece. We need stability. Let's face it, the season is done anyway. Oly will win easily, they have too much squad depth and quality. As usual we will fight for second and hope for a good cup run. I don't agree with the comment on Johansen. He has been called up to the Swedish NT, I don't think you can say he's been poor. I also think that Anesti is a decent keeper but unfortunately is prone to stupid mistakes which leads to a massive drop in confidence. What we need to do is find a Blanco, Berg type striker, mid 20's. We haven't had a proper quality striker since Blanco and have struggled up front. Frustrated but realise we need to have long term goals and some strategy behind them rather than just hiring and firing. Meli surely needs to start to act. No stadium, no transfer fees to buy players. I'm all for remaining financially viable which is a must but we must move forward!!!
  8. We need to score early to open the game up otherwise a 0-0 could be on the cards given our lack of attacking options. Must win!
  9. Disappointing result, another 2-0 we have thrown away. What was our lineup like? Depending on the Kerkyra result tonight we will need to draw to go through, possibly win to finish top of the group....
  10. Didn't expect to win but a very disappointing way to lose. Being 7 points behind already with a trip to Pao in a few weeks, season looks over already. Not enough depth or stability. Any word on Patito?
  11. Currently, and for the last however many years, we are a small team. We have accepted mediocrity. I'm sick of it, sick of idiot managers, overpaid players and stupid decisions in the transfer market. These are our next five fixtures: Larissa A Panionios H PAOK A Atrmoitos H Panathinaikos A Our season could be done in the next five weeks. Instead of being 4 - 6 points ahead of Oly we find ourselves 3 and goal difference behind Pana. If results, our line up, strategy and intensity don't change soon, Ketsbaia can get F***ed! Very disappointed, angry and sick of the s%$#! AEK keeps accepting and turning out
  12. I thought this might be the case. Very disappointing though, as a lot of people have said we have had so many crucial games like this over the last 15 years and never seem to make them count....
  13. All of a sudden a bit of a danger game. With no Almeida and Mandalos it could be tricky to score. Does Lazaros come straight into the #10? Bakasetas or Aravidis up front?
  14. Why the reschedule? So we can have a days less rest before Oly?
  15. Just saw the highlights, really good to get the away win, it looked like we could have scored 4 or 5. Really worrying about Almeida, may be best to rest him next game so hopefully he is fit for Oly. Does anyone know if it's an ongoing injury he already had? Horrendous goal keeping for the free kick, a very nice finish by Vargas. I think we need to rotate our squad more this year (babakis, kolovetsios, aravidis etc) so we don't burn out like last season!!
  16. Could be a tricky game unless we can score early, then it should open up. Any word on Almeida and his back? Is he fit to play? Must win our next two before we play Oly away!!
  17. 4-1. A really good start. Patito, Mandalos and Chygrinskiy were our best! Galo had a bad game, Lambropoulos should not play CM!! I haven't watched Lescott in ages, I forgot he was so left side dominant. Almeida, what a goal!!! A great win, hopefully we'll have more presence in the midfield with a fit Simoes!!! PAME AEK!!
  18. Thanks for the links. An entertaining first half, I thought we would control more of the ball. What is wrong with Simoes? Hopefully Almeida’s back is okay for next week. Chygrinskiy is a beast!!!!
  19. So so bad for Greece, indicative of where the league is at.....
  20. Can't wait!! It's 2 in the morning Perth time which is the worst, will still probably get up though. Johanssen has to play, he's crucial for our defence!!!
  21. What happened with Panionios? Giannia are a chance against AZ at home next leg, a good effort by them! Well done to PAOK and Pap as well, we need to get teams to the group stage to get coefficient points for Greece!
  22. Great result, need to keep a clean sheet! Anesti made some good saves, if only Johansson went in! I doubt Pasticho will be in the squad, I'd say Almeida would be a substitute. Can't wait, we need 50k+ going crazy, make an intimidating atmosphere.
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