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  1. Corner, Johansen headed it back across goals, Aravidis chested it down past the keeper and tapped it in! Bravo AEK, look better already in the second half!
  2. Half time, poor so far. Yellow for Galo and Arzo, the yellow Arzo got was a joke, massive dive. Again, we need a second goal to kill the game!
  3. Johansen and Aravidis have worked hard so far
  4. He's been involved, nothing meaningful. Very poor first half. Veria dokari early, Netto wants to dive all the time. We have looked tired, they have pressured us a lot....
  5. Very important that we win tonight to put the pressure on pao and paok. Any links for the game tonight? The stream on monoaek24.blogspot for the Giannia game was really good! PAME AEK!
  6. Finally, 3 points in a derby, first maximum points against the top 6 teams this season. A very important month coming up!!! Anesti has proved us all wrong the last few games?
  7. I'm with Dikefale. I agree that we need another striker, winger and cb, however, buying just for the sake of it isn't something we should do. Sa sounded like a good option. The only thing I'm worried about is the stupid play offs if a few of our players go down...
  8. So good to finally watch a game, thanks for the stream. In Peru so got to watch it at 8 in the morning, perfect! Barbosa goal was really good, we looked pretty solid but not spectacular. Simoes and Johansen were rock solid!
  9. Great move IMO, I've been very impressed with him from what I've seen!
  10. Red Sheriff. It doesn't really matter when the whistle was blown. What was it blown for? It's hard to follow the league when week in week out decisions go the red way and against her rivals. Surely 18 points is a big enough gap? Anesti is an idiot, why would you not stand and take the ball when you are 2m plus. Surely he has played his last game for us!
  11. What the F***. Someone explain to me how that's not a goal. Minimal contact, no push, fair goal. Twice in two weeks, 4 points lost. I'm not going to point fingers at Oly, but when is this going to end??? When can games get officiated properly? joke!!! Surely the Super League needs to hire refs from outside Greece as they are incompetent and on the take! Did Poyet say anything?
  12. Typical AEK. So disappointed to wake up to this s%$#! this morning. I haven't seen the disallowed goal, but at the end of the day when you take 2 points from a possible 18 from the top 6 teams around you, you only have yourself to blame. At the end of the day we are just not good enough. I'm not expecting us to win the league, just top 5. But, we have had great chances against Panionios and again last night to pull clear.... Typical AEK!
  13. Obviously no one is keen to comment on the s%$#! that happened over the weekend? Red? Dive? I guess no one is because it is tiresome to see decision after decision going Oly's way and decisions constantly going against their nearest rivals. Is it corruption? Match fixing? Incompetence? Yes, Oly have more money and a stronger squad. But the things you have to do to win? I would not be proud. No class, all on paper. Best of luck to you though.
  14. Have just seen all the highlights, unbelievable. Johansen penalty v Cambiasso dive? Red to the keeper was crazy, how was it not a free kick to him? Poor refereeing, money, corruption.... At the end of the day this is why no one will put money into the Super League. It is a joke. The state of Greek football is the worst it has ever been. Look at the NT, the quality young Greek players we have? And of course the boring Super League, bad officiating, the s%$#! at the pana oly game. I hope Oly fans are happy with this s%$#!, look at how all teams did in Europe,.... Nothing. Let's see what happens with the Apollon cup game this week... To be honest I'm happy I can't watch it. It makes me angry. How long does this have to happen until everything is uncovered? On a side note, it looks like Aris will get promoted to the Football League
  15. A very good header. From what I have been able to stream we look pretty average. Very crowded in the middle of the pitch, lots of long balls....
  16. Massive game for us with Panionios next week! Must win, hopefully we gell a bit more under Poyet! Has anyone been able to stream games yet? Any links? Would love to watch it, 9pm Perth time! PAME AEK!!
  17. Has Nova ever done a subscription where people out of Greece, or Europe are able to subscribe for ?100 or so a season online and watch games via the internet? The AFL does it for $70 a season or so, got me through when I lived in Europe. All games live, replays, highlights and footy shows. It's crazy Nova or AEK don't do something like this. It's the best way to lose supporters and devalue the league. Typically Greece, so narrow minded and stupid. Does anyone know why this is happening and if there looks like being a solution (unblocked streams or an online Nova channel?)
  18. Any links? I can't find any, so frustrating, can't even watch highlights these days....
  19. Any idea re links for the game tonight?
  20. Panathinaikos drew 2 - 2 at home this morning in Europa League qualifiers to a nobody team and are out on away goals. Unbelievable, very disappointing result for Greece....
  21. Cala would be great as he is only 25 although he hasn't seen much first team football since he left AEK. Also, I didn't realise he was only 1.87cm. It worries does me that a lot of our targets are past players who weren't good enough to take us to a championship and are now years older. Our teams is not going to have nearly as many Greek starters as the last two years...
  22. I disagree. Bigger names, what do they mean in Greece? Look at all our 'big' names who have come to AEK to retire in the sun! Just because a player is not well know or a bug name at first (Blanco, Scocco, Johansen) doesn't mean they won't be good. We have to get out of this mentality of 'spending more'. We spend what we can afford to ensure our club operates as a legitimate business. How much money did we pay Gudjonsen per minute of playing time? Thousands!!! Yes, we need a few more players, however, I don't want to see us turn over our whole roster. Stick with predominantly Greeks who play for each other and for AEK!!!
  23. You honestly think it will be ready by 2017? We've been posting on this topic for 10 years plus. I hate to be pessimistic buy I just can't see it getting built....
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