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    2018-2019 UEFA Nations League C

    So if what you say is true, teams like Georgia Luxembourg Kosovo and FYROM will battle it out with the winner going to the Euro. This is absolute madness.
  2. Polikastano

    2018-2019 UEFA Nations League C

    I dont want to go off topic on the other thread Finland vs Greece. But someone mentioned that the winners of A, B , C and D get a spot at the EURO??? AM i reading this correctly. So as the standings are right now Georgia, Luxembourg , Kosovo and my dear god FYROM not FYROM have a chance to go to the Euros ????? IF this is so then UEFA has lost the plot . Also we should just sabotage our games and go in group D then it will be easy to get in. Tell me this is not the case , i have no idea how this Nations Bs works.
  3. It is well known we are back in the dark ages. This was clear after Brazil 2014. No coach is going to make these duds get you anywhere. Until a Karagounis type player emerges with a few other half decent players just forget about it.
  4. Polikastano

    Macedonia Name Dispute

    The notion that because a village had a slavic name therefore the people were Slavs is laughable. This is what Lithoxou and Nakratzas write and that is why they are amateurs who cant be taken seriously. If this is the case i can name 3 villages just off the top of my head Aetos Florina , Mesimeri Edessas and Episkopi Naousas which all had slavic speakers and these names did not change meaning this is what they were called during the Ottoman empire . There were villages with Slavic names that had Greek speakers, Vlach speakers. Villages with Greek names with Slavic speakers.Villages with Turkish names with Greek speakers and Slavic speakers. etc etc Nakratzas writes about a village near Kastoria which was Kumanichovo and he states that the original settlers were Kumans!! Armenohori in Florina were Armenians!! Because of the names of these villages the people must have been.. Lithoksou and Nakratzas = Amateurs on the subject of Macedonia.
  5. Polikastano

    Kostas Mitroglou ‒ Olympique de Marseille

    Scored a goal today in a 2-0 win over Caen. Redirect with his head off a shot.
  6. Polikastano

    Giannis Maniatis ‒ Alanyaspor

    Big shock , Maniatis scores the winner in yesterdays win over Goztepe... he then got subbed off
  7. Polikastano

    Cup-Final: AEK - PAOK (12-May-18, 20:30 EEST)

    So the referee for the match was from Spain? Thought the penalty was soft and the straight Red was harsh. The second yellow to the AEK player who got sent off was also harsh.
  8. Polikastano

    Macedonia Name Dispute

    Before the population exchange Macedonia had both Greek speaking and Slavic speaking natives or ntopioi. Basically the south was Greek speaking - south of Kastoria, Kozani, Grevena , Veria , Imathia , Katerini was Greek speaking, then around Thessaloniki , Halkidiki was purely Greek, Serres and to the south Nigrita and south of Drama and Kavala were also Greek speaking. The Slavic speakers were concenrated north of Kastoria , Florina , Edessa , Naousa, Kilkis , north of Serres and Drama. Then you had Vlach speakers who had villages throughout Macedonia (but they were very few in numbers and knew Greek as well) Turks lived throughout Macedonia as well , large concentrations around Ptolemaida - Kozani, Kilkis , Serres and Drama. Now with regards to the Slavic speakers they are divided into 2 groups. The ones with a strong Greek identity and the others with this 'macedonian' identity . The ones with the Greek identity claim that their ancestors were Greek speakers but during the ottoman empire and living alongside Bulgarians and Turks they picked up this idiom which is a mix of Slavic/Turkish/Greek. The others have a more whacky version, they are descendants of the ancient macedonians and they are not Greeks or Slavs lol just macedonians
  9. Polikastano

    Macedonia Name Dispute

    More whacky stuff coming from Australia . What i could make of it is that a political party printed out something and had it translated into many languages but for 'Macedonian' the translation came in the Greek alphabet and not in their Cyrillic . This caused an uproar and the politician apologized but it wasnt good enough for these people. They seem to think that a Greek working for that party was involved in this. Anyway here is a video of what happened
  10. Polikastano

    SL–R25: PAOK - AEK (11 Mar 18, 19:30 EET)

    I keep watching the highlights of this game. What caught my eye is the badge of the Assistant Referee . He is not FIFA.He must a level down what we call here a National Referee (Yes they are used in MLS) . What strikes me is in a game of this magnitude how can they not appoint all 3 FIFA refs . Now maybe they don't have enough in Greece i can understand but if they do this guy should be doing the Levadiakos vs Panaitolikos game and not the game that decides the championship. The problem is in the first half he makes a wrong offside call against AEK. Im certain after the goal was scored and he got approached by the AEK players indecision started to kick and he wasnt sure if he got it right. I give all refs in Greece credit though it is the most F***ed up country to ref a soccer game in.
  11. Polikastano

    SL–R25: PAOK - AEK (11 Mar 18, 19:30 EET)

    I showed the video to another referee who is actually a level higher than me and he says that (of course he said a tough one)that it is OFFSIDE. He feels the PAOK player is interfering with the goalkeepers attempt to make the save and he is involved in active play therefore all the criteria for offside are met. So again this one will go either way depending on how the ref views it.
  12. Polikastano

    SL–R25: PAOK - AEK (11 Mar 18, 19:30 EET)

    Ok i have watched the video of the goal/no goal . Man i have to say that is a tough one. Wow as a referee i am still hard pressed to make a decision even after the benefit of instant replay. Ok so after watching it a few times i have to come up with this decision and even im not sure if im right but i will show it to other refs i know to see what they say. Yes the player in question is in an offside position when the ball is headed . Now he somehow manages to not touch the ball so now we have to say is he blocking or obstructing the goalkeeper in away after the ball was headed. Im saying No he was off to the side and not really anywhere near the goalkeeper . I would have to say that this is a VALID GOAL. And again i could be wrong another ref can interpret it differently. The fact these guys don't have the benefit of instant replay it is a really difficult decision to make. I do not think there is other forces influencing there decision on why they flip flopped the call , it was just that a really tough call to make .
  13. Polikastano

    Macedonia Name Dispute

    Looks like things got ugly in Australia. https://neoskosmos.com/en/111964/fyrom-australians-sued-by-the-australian-institute-of-macedonian-studies/ I think these diaspora nutjobs are sensing the name is going to change and they are now in overdrive to try and save face. Its funny how they blame Pontians and other Greeks from Asia Minor when the truth is that Nomos Florina received the least amount of refugees in all of Macedonia after the exchange!
  14. Polikastano

    Macedonia Name Dispute

    I did read the news article about what is happening in Australia. What a difference here in Canada . Its pretty quiet , no protests from either side that i heard of. I know a lot of old guys hang out at coffee shops from both sides, maybe there are problems there lol . I have said it before but in Australia they are way more fanatical its very interesting as to why this is. Maybe you guys in Aus can tell me why?
  15. Polikastano

    SL–R23: PAOK - Olympiakos (25 Feb 18, 19:30 EET)

    This is too funny actually it is embarrassing . It is a roll of toilet paper , soft enough to wipe our asses with. Thrown from the standsfrom that distance you have got to be kidding me. If i am this coach i would feel shamed if i was really in pain, this has to be antics or they know how to play the game to continue with this sharade. Like another poster mentioned here in the MLS in Toronto there is one corner flag where players get bombarded by paper,streamers by the fans . This is North American hooliganism and the league says nothing about it. The fact a game was abandoned for something like this is truly a joke.
  16. Polikastano

    SL–R23: PAOK - Olympiakos (25 Feb 18, 19:30 EET)

    I dont follow this league much these days. Who is this Garcia guy? Is he the coach? I can understand if it was a player for the match to be abandoned but for someone on the coaching staff, come on the game can go on. I find it surprising also that the stands where the teams come out are usually the best behaved and never have hooligans. So how this was thrown from that part of Toumba is shocking.
  17. Polikastano

    Macedonia Name Dispute

    Yes new government. Gruevski is gone and SDSM are now in charge . Zoran Zaev is the name of the new leader. They want to get into EU and NATO. A poll in FYROM said 60% are willing to compromise name just to get into those clubs. Also, as of Feb 6th they have changed the name of the airport in Skopje from Alexander the Great to Skopje International and the main highway which was also called Alexander the Great has been changed to the Friendship highway. I have heard talk of them also wanting to take the statue down. So this government is how can i say 'normal' . Of course to the fanatic Slavs of Canada and Australia they are traitors.
  18. Polikastano

    Macedonia Name Dispute

    Thanks i remember we had a thread but it dissapeared. Well the FYROM finally have a government that is not as fanatical as the one before and they are willing to compromise. I understand in Greece the name is non negotiable but i really dont see a problem with a compound name especially New or Nova Makedonija . The name separates them from ancient Macedonia and with time i feel they will stop the nonsense with Alexander the Great. Also i feel with time they will be called New Macedonians instead of Macedonians by westerners and europeans. Because i follow the forums of fanatical Macedo Slavs of Australia and Canada i can tell you that a compound name is a victory for us . Well we shall wait and see what happens in the months ahead.
  19. Polikastano

    Nationalism in Greece

    I cant seem to find the thread about Macedonia?! I remember we had one . Big protest today in Athens. Some say 1 million people police say 150,000. If someone can find the Macedonia thread bring it back to front page!
  20. Polikastano

    -54 Points (Federation Decision)

    Ok honestly , i dont even know where this team is from. Maybe northern Peloponisos? Anyways thought i would start them up since nothing about them. What do you got to do to get punished -54 points??
  21. Polikastano

    Another Mass Shooting in the US

    I believe they want to change the amendment where they have the right to bear arms. If they fake all these mass shootings , they turn around around and say we need gun control etc etc. eventually taking away the peoples right to bear arms. Alex Jones, Jim Fetzer , Jim Marrs look them up on youtube with false flags they explain it well.
  22. Polikastano

    Another Mass Shooting in the US

    Just saw the topic , have not read any posts. All i say is this... False Flag look into it.
  23. Polikastano

    Other Greeks Abroad

    Came across a guy P Dimitriadis who plays for Girenspor in the Turkish 2nd Division. But it appears he is a Swedish National. If you guys have more info on this guy ...
  24. Polikastano

    Giorgos Samaras ‒ (retired)

    Well both Samaras and Sifakis got the start today . Samaras got a yellow in the 76th. Cant believe the downward spiral this guy took after the World Cup.
  25. Polikastano

    National Anthems

    The old Soviet anthem by far was the best. I remember listening it to it back in 80's and 90's before they would play Canada in Hockey. I think when the Soviet Union collapsed Russia had a different anthem and then after awhile they brought back the old Soviet one with a few changes to it.