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  1. FIFA World Ranking

    That's the point even if Skibbe knew this he would have done it by now..
  2. FIFA World Ranking

    Bottom line guys we all know how important the mid position is in creating offence and dictating the pace of the game so for a coach to have Tziolis as his regular starter which no coach in the world would choose makes him an complete idiot. Why not have Siopis/Kourb and Zeca? do you guys think they would do worse then Tziolis and Samaris? And we've said this 100 times but a coach that also picks Tzavellas regularly over Holebas shows everyone that Skibbe doesn't belong anywhere near our NT as he is clueless. We lack skill and creativity on our team so we CANNOT afford to let guys like Holebas go as we are not a deep team. I'm just venting now as I'm so upset that he is staying because all of his old veterans that got the EPO to keep him will be regular starters for this team.
  3. FIFA World Ranking

    Exactly this. So how much faith do you really have in this guy?? I'm so pissed off that they kept him.
  4. FIFA World Ranking

    I don't know man I still think it's a HUGE mistake to bring this guy back... I don't have confidence that this guy has any creative thinking when it comes to offence or that he's going to make the right call ups. He is still going to call up vellios, diam, and I bet you Tziolis is still a call up in September.. This is a big mistake.. Get ready for a bunch of out of form players to be called up and start for this team..
  5. Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    I like it but with Skibbe as our coach I dot see it happening...
  6. Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    The Epo is voting on Monday and it's set to become official that Skibbe will stay on with the team. The main reason is because the players spoke up on how they want him to stay. This is the dumbest move the EPO can do. Skibbe will be loyal to the payers like Tziolis, Maniatis, Tzavells. he might make a small changes but he will continue to use thee guys and he will not look at the under 21 team or Fetfa and now there will be no chance Holebas comes back. You will continue to see bak, vellios, Diam, and all be called up. This will be a huge mistake and it will probably cost us another tournament.. This guy has no offensive creativity at all so he ignores the players that posses skill and just looks for players who can clear the f...g ball from danger. This will be very frustrating and painful to watch with this guy leading the team..
  7. Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    @Rockafeller Skank The players I'm referring to that are s%$#! are Tziolis, Maniatis, and I was saying it's not there fault because they are just not good enough. I was not referring to The rest of the players. I think you missed my point.. I'm saying I think we could have been even better then we showed this campaign if we had a coach that would use these players. Even Karnezis is not in form by the way, I like Staf but he's not inform either so you can't excpected him to do to much.. We were not going to go very far with Skibbes selection and anyone that can't see this needs to check there eyes or are clueless about the game of Soccer. We had much better and younger options then Tziolis, Manuatis, bak, even Tzavellas he's not that good dude and it should have been Holebas spot but again all of this falls on the coaches head. Yes I agree with you even we played Croatia that many times the results would be different. He chose a line formation that he's never used ffs in the most important game... Even he commentators were surprised..
  8. Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    You're right you can't blame the players, those players you mentioned are s%$#! and don't belong on the NT you can't blame them as they suck so you need to blame the coach instead for playing them. Also you can't blame the players when the coach picks a system that he's never used before in the most important game that's on the coach. You can blame the players for not scoring in the 2nd match against Croatia because the coach played more defensive so you blame the coach. The moral of this story is BLAME THE COACH he needs to leave bottom line and if he stays we will be dealing with the same s%$#! next campaign.. Everyone keeps saying he rescude our team from where we were. I say BULL s%$#! this team wasn't as bad as there record showed in last campaign and they were bound to rebound. We need a coach that still likes to play defence but is creative when it comes to offence.. with the backs that we do have we should be able to take some chances offensively instead of having old players and the most laughable midfield all playing behind half field ffs.
  9. FIFA World Ranking

    I agree Argy, This way we get to see our National team more often and in more meaningful games.. I think its great. We get to see 6 games from Sept to Nov for our Nt team, 2 each month and then in March the Euro campaign starts which means only Dec, Jan and Feb we wont see our team play. They're trying to grow the fan base and the importance of the National teams across Europe which great.
  10. I also hope they're true as I think Ouzounidis would be a really good fit..
  11. Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    Somebody else had posted this and it seems like the U.S is trying to hold a parallel World cup this summer for all the top teams that didn't make it and that would also include Greece. http://www.sport24.gr/football/mundial/oi-hpa-theloyn-na-diorganwsoyn-parallhlo-moyntial.4940649.html
  12. I also read that they have some interest in Traianos Dellas to coach the NT.
  13. FIFA World Ranking

    You're right None of the 13 UEFA EURO 2020 host countries qualify automatically 24 teams to reach finals through European Qualifiers (draw: 2 December 2018, Dublin) Qualifying group stage: ten groups, top two from each qualify (20 places) Play-offs: 16 teams in four paths of four from UEFA Nations League, one qualifier from each path (4 places)
  14. Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    I completely agree but as long as Skibbe stays this will never happen.. We need to pray that the EPO gets rid of him.. if he stays we will never see the likes of the players you mentioned above and that's exactly what who need..
  15. Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    You guys need to read this as this article sums it up perfectly. This why Skibbe needs to get the F..k out he is not a competent coach at all. http://www.agonasport.com/agonasport-allnews/changes-needed-for-euro-2020
  16. Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    No greece I guess..
  17. http://www.agonasport.com/agonasport-allnews/will-he-stay-or-will-he-go-examining-skibbes-future
  18. Do you guys think if there was a different coach Holebas would come back?
  19. A BIG BIG MISTAKE TO BRING BACK THIS COACH... He is so incompetent with his call ups and his subs, he also gets very easily out coached... We would still have Holebas if it was for this guy... Really not making Holebas a regular starter...WTF.... I do understand the players want him but its a mistake and I don't think we qualify for the euros with this coach not with his style and call ups... Say what you want about his so called success this year the fact of the matter is he should his competence in the biggest two games and it was a complete epic fail and for that reason he needs to go.
  20. As far as Giannatos I'm not sure where this negativity comes from... Every time I've seen the kid play for the NT he busts his ass and he shows speed and he's not afraid to take on defenders I totally think he's worth a shot..
  21. Its pretty much official and they're about to announce it I believe tomorrow or the next day... Such a bad move... The problem is Socratis, Toro and Tzavellas all told the EPO not to get rid of Skibbe that they feel like a family with him... Be prepared to miss the euros with this clown..
  22. Well Italy misses the world cup as well... Ps I think its a big mistake that Epo is bringing back Skibbe.
  23. The Epo is about to announce the resigning of Micahel Skibbe to another 2 year contract.. FFS
  24. Exactly my point that's why I think even the euros will be difficult to make because if we ended up in Spain/Italy or France/swed/Neth or Port/Swiss or even Croatias group chances are we don't reach the playoffs at all this World Cup and that's what scares me regarding the euros as we may very easily have a a much more difficult two teams then this campaign..