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  1. Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    ^ I get what you are saying and I'm not completely disagreeing with you but what is the harm in giving him at the very least a shot even coming off the bench. Yes he is playing against weaker players but the guy looks confident and in form so I truly believe he deserves a look. I completely agree with you regarding lazaros and I hope we see him up with the NT..
  2. Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    http://www.agonasport.com/agonasport-allnews/fetfatzidis-scores-for-al-ahli What does this guy have to do to get Skibbes attention??? 2 goals in 3 games.. The guys got moves and creates chances... Skibbe needs to start using the best players he has available and not be so closed minded...
  3. ^ I don't know much about him but having guys that can chip in and not be a liability coming off the bench like we have now can only be a plus.. I say let's give him a chance...
  4. Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    Tziolis should not be playing period... he does nothing productive in fact he makes our line up worse.. Some guys suggest "he brings experience" that doesn't cut it... he ruins plays going forward, he can't pass, he can't shoot and he is not that great at taking away space from an opponent.. This entire Tziolis experiment needs to come to an end ASAP...For me Donis earned the right to start as he looked good in both games he's played for us but Fetfa and Laz need to be on our bench period.. I also don't know what to do with Samaria he needs to be on the team but is he really our best choice as a starter?? I like the kid but he makes so many mistakes...
  5. Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    ^I agree but he also is a natural winger and at the very least he deserves to be called up and have him as a bench option... We are calling up guys that don't even get regular playing time so why not have Lazaros as a good bench option..
  6. Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    Lazaros looks so good.. If Skibbe doesn't call him up to the NT then he is truly an incompetent coach.. What else does a guy need to do to get called up ffs??
  7. Look at Zeca that guy busts his ass all over the field and plays with passion for us and he's not full Greek.. I'm totally good with having Lucas Villafanez.
  8. ^Agree what's done is done... I'm not trying to attack you either Im just making my point as well.. Playoffs??? I wish but I think if you guys somehow beat Belgium you are in.. let's see what happens as I'm not so confident that we will beat Cyprus anyways..
  9. @kosaca Read this as this should once and for all put your excuses to rest.. http://www.agonasport.com/agonasport-allnews/greek-fans-injured-in-zenica-zeca-maniatis-pleading-for-help
  10. Dude it sounds like you're trying to find ways to justify the actions of the Bosnians.... why? I'm pretty sure you wouldn't be so quick to justify the actions if this s%$#! happened to your team...You're entitled to your own opinion which is cool but once you start justifying the actions then guys in here will call you out.. "Did the travelling fan supporter group make any statement?" What the F*** does that matter? They can say whatever the F*** they want if they actually did but that doesn't give your fans or the security an excuse to attack..
  11. @kosaca Bosnia should have been punished by the by playing behind close doors.. The minute the coach allows Gilli to be part of the team and allow him on the pitch then it's The entire Bosnian federation responsible for his actions... #2 Bosnia should be playing behind close doors I'll tell you why, The fans need to be punished for assaulting visiting fans and not making it safe and if that's not enough the major reason you should be playing behind close doors is because your Security/law enforcement was assaulting the Greek fans instead of protecting them.. What kind of pieces of s%$#! secutiy guards do Bosnia employee to protect fans? You guys need an enormous punishment for that reason alone.. In other stadiums when there are fights amongst fans at least they have some protection with Security . From the pitch with the players to the staff with Gillis to the fans assaulting fans and players and the security guards pushing and assaulting fans.. Absolutely disgraceful..
  12. FIFA World Ranking

    ^ I agree... This will be so hard to go through another tournament without the national team..
  13. I think we need to worry about beating Cyprus because if we draw or lose that game then what Bosnia does doesn't matter it will be over..
  14. FIFA World Ranking

    We have nobody to blame but ourselves.. guys lets not forget we lost to the FI twice plus Finland, Hungary, Luxembourg in a friendly Bolivia and tied Estonia... do you really think we deserve to be higher with all those losses? Why should we be higher who have we beaten that's a top team? We've tied Bosnia twice and tied Belgium we also beat a s%$#! Netherlands team.. we are exactly were we belong and only have ourselves to blame..
  15. Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    Absolutely agree.. But do you honestly think Skibbe has half a brain to give him a shot? I don't..
  16. I don't see that happening.. I see them wanting the win to be able to move up the FIFA rankings and build some confidence..
  17. Ya I remember watching that game and it was for far less then what the Bosnians did to us but yet we get the harsher punishment.. 😳
  18. I'm actually one of the few that think you do have a chance against belgium... I think Greece will have a a hard time with Cyprus to be honest..
  19. I think which ever teams fans assault visiting fans even my beloved national team then they need to be punished to the fullest. Who ever does it.. At the end of the day it's a sport and we all get passionate but the safety of players and fans needs to be the first priority..
  20. Buddy are you serious right now?? are you that blind.. Our traveling fans were assaulted and threatened by your security guards and your fans... WTF... Your stadium wasn't even safe for visiting fans as they had s%$#! being thrown at them as well as our players... For you to just say it was the actions of your assistant and no one else should be blamed clearly shows your mentality. When fans are abused threatened and physically impacted as well as our soccer players then that goes beyond anything that could be written on a banner or said even though I don't condone it. A fine and a stadium ban for assaulting people is an outright joke and fifa should be ashamed.
  21. What a joke of a punishment... this doesn't punish Bosnia at all.. So I guess it's allowed to act like animals and be abusive to the players and travelling fans and all you will get is a stadium ban.. WTF
  22. I'm not to sure Samaris is our best option anymore... He is a very average footballer at best. When ever I watch him play I see more mistakes made then good plays.. I think he should be a bench option going forward but not a starter. The fact that Tziolis is a go to guy for Skibbe shows us his bad judgement as this guy should never wear the NT jersey. Bak , Vellios should not be called up at all. For some reason Skibbe has chosen to continually start mantolas and I just don't get it as this guy is also a very average player and doesn't bring much as a starter. I hope Kone can find his forum with Aek and eventually get a spot on this team as I think he would bring something extra to the team. Lazaros also needs to be called up and start some games along with Fetfa. Taxi should be used more and Staf needs to be a regular starter.
  23. I totally though it was behind close doors... Now Bosnia will have a rocking house in such a huge game...
  24. Bosnia will play behind closed doors that was part of there punishment..