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  1. Fantastic fightback, and a really good result in the end. After the first 20 minutes this one looked like it was heading for a 5-0
  2. We are looking like minnows out there. Have not steadied, and they are doing as they please
  3. When it comes to Europe, as has been the case for many years now, we are simply a completely different team when playing away.
  4. Awesome stuff Enjoy the match tonight, it's sure to be something, we owe AEX
  5. Paschalakis has certainly came back to earth with a thud this season. I suspect his limitations were not really exposed last season, as when he came in, the team was wiping the floor with everyone. Can't take anything away from him though, he is in his late 20s, and really never played much before coming to us & he took his opportunity with both hands.
  6. Knowing us, we'll probably draw/win against them away. When it comes to Europe, PAOK tends to be the opposite, with a superb away record.
  7. Terrible starting line up Terrible performance, subs should have been made much earlier. Chelsea are a great team, but all they needed to do was move between first & second gear. Disappointing. We are clearly playing for second spot here, and lucky we seem so do well aginst teams at our level
  8. They're toying with us when ever they go forward

    Toumba Stadium

    Yes, the plans should have long been done by now & released. After all, wasn't the original pipe dream last year, that we would have already vacated Toumba by May? With the Kaftanzoglio in use from this season? It's just a dream, not a goal with a plan.
  10. Pretty sure what Lucescu says to the media, and what he tells the players is completely different. He's not going to come out and say things like "Maybe if it wasn't for Paschalakis' idiotic mistake, who knows?"
  11. ^Prijovic I think is definitely in the conversation of being "CL quality" I thought he did well today, unlucky to not score a double.
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