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    I like the part where the guy says you have to be sympathetic to the people doing the governing. Get real. This was predictable, avoidable, and now inexorable. My state is opening gyms up for the first time since March 15th, on Monday. We had our first day of zero coronavirus-related deaths a day or two ago, too. Just remember that there is light at the end of the tunnel. There is no way that our general precautions are going to be eased up on any time soon; hopefully that forestalls a second wave up here in the Northeast.
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    Big national record for Nikos Skarvellis in shot put. During a meet in Arizona he broke the record with a throw of 21.05 meters, making him the first Greek shot putter to break the 21 meter barrier.
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    Alefa with Johan Cruyff 1978
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    For the 1st paragraph, if your talking about Hatzidiakos then for me he has proven he’s got what it takes. The goals we copped were mostly from Stafylidis errors in my opinion. The goals Italy scored was from Bouchalakis hand ball and a shot from range which should’ve been closed down from our midfielders. Giannoulis has convinced me that he is good. Before I didn’t think he was good but after seeing him play I can say he has got a big future ahead of him. We are lucky to have a good amount of depth at LB. RB is the problem. Ive always likes Fountas has got energy and is capable of scoring goals. Also he has a lot of courage. He can play many positions like CAM, Wing and ST. He is also very fast which is another positive.
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    Only problem is we are talking about finishing a player from the NT in the age of 32 and replacing with someone, who definitely is talented as looks to have a bright career but at the moment cant be considered as a proven international player and if I recall correctly he is seriously injured? I do agree about Stafylidis' level being dropped down, although I can see him going back to PAOK since they are looking to sell Giannoulis and Stafylidis would be a perfect replacement. Kyriakopoulos of Sassuolo had had a great season with them, so did Tsimikas. Lykogiannis lost his place in Calgiari while Koutris at Mallorca got seriously injured and will be back from loan to Olympiakos in a few months. Has to work hard to earn a spot there. The one who I'm not sold yet is Giannoulis imo, he is literally worse than Kyriakopoulos and Tsimikas in every aspect but he keeps starting over them? Btw a player who needs to be in the next call ups should be Fountas of Rapid Wien, he has scored 14 goals in the Austrian League this season and definitely needs to be higher in the rotation than freaking Chatzigiovannis, Pelkas and so on...

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