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    Aris victory yesterday clinched promotion to the SL. Congrats and good luck next year. My wish is that they will not repeat past mistakes that led to financial issues but I have a better chance of winning the Chicago marathon than that happening!!
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    I cannot believe Glen Salmon is missing from your selection.
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    Paok played with the greens, another won. How they stole this tittle from us is mind blowing for me
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    I really don't understand why Kerkyra played against AEK. It's obviously because Savvidis owns that team as well. It's a shame for PAOK to exist. PAOK should be banished from the Greek football once and for good. It's outrageous for teams to show up on the field and play against the deserved champion AEK. They do not have the decency to give the win to the best team of the Greece. Unbelievable. And don't forget that AEK played also in Europe this year. It's amazing what a war they received from the halifi Savvidi. But thankfully they won the well-deserved championship. All Greece celebrates with them. Olympiakos brothers, Panathinaikos brothers, even Aris and Iraklis brothers celebrate all together. That was a year of joy to all Greek fans! Congratulations AEK!

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