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    Sacked for not being 10 points ahead at the winter break ?
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    OFI’s coach Eugene Gerard dies at 77 Eugene Gerard, the Dutch coach who became synonymous with the Greek football team Ofi of Crete, has died at the age of 77. Gerard led Ofi to its only title, the Greek Cup in 1987 while the club took second spot in the major league in the 1985-86 season. He stayed at Ofi for 15m years (1985-2000) before going on to AEK Athens, Apoel in Cyprus and Panachaiki of Patras. Gerard, who changed his name to Gerardakis for the love of Crete, was granted Greek citizenship and lived in the village of Elia with his wife Katerina.
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    And then if the people turn to violence they are labelled with all manner of derogatory terms. Unfortunately, the protests outside Wall St during the GFC debacle were weak. I'm not saying they needed to be violent but they definitely should have been more vocal and longer lasting. A slogan one of the protesters held summed it up aptly "Don't worry, the French Aristocracy didn't see it coming either".
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    Happy New Year to all, let's hope this is the year Aris return to the Superleague.
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    Everyone should read this. http://m.sport24.gr/Files/oi-ypopshfioi-gia-thn-ananewmenh-ethnikh-elladas.4993709.html Talks about how Skibbe wants to try new players and that he doesn't have to call up players like Manolas, Sokratis and Mitroglou because he relies on them and they don't have to play. Also talks about various options Skibbe could choose in the next friendlies before the competitive games in September.
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    I'm with you bro and I feel the same way... if I see those guys I'm really going to be pissed and my anger alone might make me say screw it and stop watching as hard as that will be.