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Handball World Cup- ELLAS!

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ok i found it

starts on the 23 january

Greece's group:

Denmark ----- 23/01

France -------25/01

Tunisia (hosts) ------29/01

Angola ---26/01

Canada 28/01

France we played in the olympics , lost 25-29

and the second time 15-33 :o (for 6th place)

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HUGE WIN FOR ELLAS vs FRANCE!!!!!!!!!! in the last TWO SECONDS before time ALVANOS SCORED THE WINNER!!!!!!!!!!!!

20-19!!!!! :gr: :gr: :gr:

i wish i saw it.....

this is being called the greatest victory in greek handballing history...first ever win in handball world cup......... France is also the 2001 Champion.......



now to definitly qualify we need to beat 1st place Tunisia.....the hosts.... :( and then Angola and Canada which are possible... what i dont like is that france are ahead of us...i dont know how the rankings work but its unfair in any sport when u are tied in points not to go to the head to head standing.....

but if we pull it off this could be another Portugal, who knows?........ :D

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Here is a site to follow the tournament........its near impossible to find results and live scores anywhere else.... The official tournament website is the most pathetic site i have ever seen...


france is up 10-5 vs tunisia......Tunisia will be the deciding match for sure

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Tunisia today......last group match....

if we win we will go through to the next round 100%

if we lose, we can still make it through depending on Denmark vs France if France wins and we lose, we are out. If Denmark wins and we lose, we will make it through. If France wins and we win, we take 1st place in the group....

Tunisia will be very difficult..they are undefeated so far, there tie against France was big for us, now we need Denmarks help to ensure were through....

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ok our new group:






Czech Rep

top 2 go to the semi finals......tough draw, we dont excpet to make the 4 but who knows....france and tunisia will be tough again, russia and czech i think we can beat....slovenia may be tricky. but it will come down to france/tunisia again i feel....

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Here are the full results of the Greece's Quarterfinal Group and the standigs before the last games.

Greece - Slovenia 29-37

Tunisia - Czech Republic 36-25

France - Russia 25-22

Czech republic - France 26-31

Slovenia - Tunisia 26-26

Greece - Russia 29-24

Thursday's games:

Greece - Czech Republic

Tunisia - Russia

France - Slovenia


1. Tunisia 1 - 3 - 0 115-104 5 pts.

2. Greece 2 - 1 - 1 105-107 5

3. France 2 - 1 - 1 101-94 5

4. Russia 2 - 0 - 2 102-102 4

5. Slovenia 1 - 1 - 2 116-114 3

6. Czech Rep 1 - 0 - 3 100-118 2

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