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Olympiakos v Kalamarias


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i guess they forgot the bombardment of objects thrown at basinas or the firecracker thrown at munch's feet...terribly disgraceful

that happens at every derby. i remember mavro getting a frappé-cup right in his face when he was chasing the ball.

there are always idiots like that at the games of EVERY team. unfortunately we should get used to this and the punishments the big teams get for stuff like that. these things wont change in the near future.

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Guest Protathlitis

world class display by the pink7 team. The performance against the everstrong kalamaria proves this side is the real deal

What is the point in posting that. Obviously we cant take much away from a game against Appolon Kalamaria except the 3 points which we did. so just be quiet ok.

You probably should be concerned about your fegs only winning in injury time again against ergotelis at home and the fact that Aek dropped more points: thats the only thing worth posting about from this weekend.

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