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Skoda Xanthi v Olympiakos


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i said nothing about his goal scoring ability so whether he scores goals or not is not part of this discussion...i know rivaldo is a great goal scorer but thats not the issue here, so whether he scores or not is not gunna change my mind on the subject...but to try to make the him look innocent of diving and giving him excsuses because he is RIVALDO is obserd..rivaldo used to fall like a little baby when he was touched, but thats the game now...and hitting back has noting to do with it...how many players do u actually see taking striking retalliation to a tackle?? most professional footballer, especially of the caliber of rivaldo should have better control then that....its not often that u see a player actually strike another player...and no, im not picking him out cause he is RIVALDO...i couldnt care less who he is or what team he plays for...what he did in the WC was plain ol disgraceful...disgraceful to the world cup, his teammates and football...now, diving is part of the game but what he did vs turkey was beyond that...i dont care whether its a thrid division player or maradona...that kind of stuff is just disgusting..as a matter fact, it shouldnt even be great players like rivaldo who are doing stuff like that...they should be the ones setting examples, not completely utterly diving to the ground, especially in that situation...tons of players take nudges and fall to the ground hard to look for calls..thats part of the game, but what happend in the WC wasnt even a dive...a players gets a tug or nudge and falls, im alright with that, its part of the game now but getting the ball struck at your leg then falling holding your face to pretend it hit you 2 feet from where it actually did is just disgusting....it doesnt matter who you are....even if a player from Ionikos did that s%$#!, id still think it was disgraceful...

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