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2006 WC...Greece - Turkey....


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This is a must win for us following the loss to Albania. There are 4 teams inour groupd that will fight for the top 2 spots, and anything can happen as we saw in the opening rounds of the games.


4? thats it? no way







Georgia and Albania are contenders too- they showed that - if georgia or albania doesnt tie the winner will be a good contender... this group is a demonstration of how shitty fifa rankings work and their seedings....

greece wins qualifying group- and was on something like a 10 game unbeaten streak at the time and only got 3rd seed...we should have been 2nd...look how unbalanced other groups are....

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I see none of the turks have anything to say. :gr:  :gr:

Yeah indeed you did defeat the Turkish U-21 team. :)

I only watched the last 15 minutes and we were dominating Greece at that part of the match.

The commentator said 2 of our balls hit the post. :( You may wish to change the wording of this sentence as some of our readers may take it the wrong way (OUCH!) - The Administrator

Anyway i'm not too worried. It's hard to beat a Greek team in Greece anyways...

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its definitely gonna be a great game. lets only hope our fans dont stoop to the level of the albanians. lets all show some respect for the opposing players and lets respect the beautiful game...like the portugese did this past summer. its just a game, its suppose to be fun.

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I was just watching MEGA channel in Greece and they showed Karaiskaki. The stadium is already 3/4 full and the fans are going nuts! They were chanting, singing, and are very loud. The place is going crazy!!!

LETS GO HELLAS!!!!!!! For the love of God! We HAVE TO WIN!!!!

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Go ELLAS!! You can do it!!! :gr: :gr:

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