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04/12/2004, friendly game


(14, 22, 38, 56, 61, 78) - Soliotopoulos (6, 71) G.Giannitsakis (82)

In this friendly game, only twelve players were there, and only 5 of the best "eleven". This game was an opportunity for the subtitutes to take their chances to show of talented they are! Well, we can't say that it works!

Bad luck for them, no turnover for the team next weeks ;)

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11/12/2004, 9th day match of the PH Championship


(30, 39, 51) - Arbutina (6) G.Giannitsakis (19, 49) G.Anger (55)

Brincalhoes was 9th of DHR Championship and fall down in our championship last summer! They were in bad position before playing with us, having only one game won (against the first of championship and with score 6-1!!!), but having lost against the last team Grande Vigie (1-2).

We did a great game, scoring wonderful goals :


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18/12/2004 : this day was special for Aetos

For the first time, the greeks were going to play against a DH team (first regional division, two stages better than our championship). And not again the worst, but against the second on table, playing for winning the regional championship!!!

We were challengers, buts we play very very well, and the final score is unfair for us! For 20 minutes they play better and get the lead 2-0. But the we start greek football, and then it was only one team on the field. Sissiaridis (header) score before half time. Then G.Giannitsakis make us dream about the greatest moment in our history.

Unfortunately a lack of luck and experience make us to fall in a trap : too offensive, we were shot on counter-attack. 2-2 after 55', 5-2 after 66'!

During the last 25 minutes, we were very better than them on their stadium, and scored 5-3, but we loose great occasions, and their keeper was fantastic atthe end!

This elimination is not a shame, we were better on the field, but now we know the difference between a good PH and one of the best DH : they can score at every moment with few occasions, when we need a lot of organized offensive to score few goals, even if we play better!


Goals : (11, 17, 56, 63, 66) - Sissiaridis (40) G.Giannitsakis (55, 84)

Assists : Kefalas (55, 84)

Ioannidis - N.Ménissier, Chiarazzo, C.Mavromatis, S.Anger - Visvikis, Sissiaridis (G.Mavromatis 67), Kefalas, Arbutina (T.Giannitsakis 70), G.Anger - G.Giannitsakis.

After 16 week-ends of football, it's now the end of first part of season 2004-2005!

We are in the fifth place (out of ten) in our championship, having 4w 1d 4l (15-18), we are out of the two regionals cup (1w 2l, 9-9), and we also play 4 friendly games (2w 2l, 12-12). Final stats : 7w 1d 8l (36-39).

Best scorers are G.Anger (10) and G.Giannitsakis (9). They are also best at assists with 5, in front of Kefalas (4)

Next game for 1/8 final of departmental cup, on january, the 8th.


History between this two teams :

friendly, 17/05/2003 FCA - PHIL GARNIER : 2-1

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Little victory for the blues, yesterday, in the cup of the Seine Saint Denis.

For the first stage of this cup, we played versus P. Garnier, a little team who was enough poor.

The first 45 minutes were very poor, happily the seconds were better.

The score is 7/0, the Goalscorers are Kefalas (3), G. Anger, Visvikis et Soliotopoulos.

Next game vs Monte Cintu, a very important game (as usually) if we win we we'll play for the top of the table and if we'll loose we play for stay in this division...

Bye Bye :gr: :gr: :gr: :gr: :gr: :gr: :gr: :gr:

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Wooooooooooooooow! My lieutenant was faster than me

FC Aetos qualified for the quarter to final of department cup


G.Anger (47sp) Kefalas (50, 67, 74) Chiarazzo (69) Visvikis (79) Soliotopoulos (88)

Afraid by us they played hard defense! It was clear than afterthe first goal, everything would be easier!

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This time we took our revenge against MONTE CINTU who beats us 1-3 atour stadium in the first round! We won 0-5 away, with 3 goals by Kefalas, and one by G.Giannitsakis and Arbutina!

Now after 10 day matches, the table is :

Gretz (33) ---- we lose 2-0 away against them

Aulnay (28) ---- we lose 0-1 home against them

Stains (27) one game to play ---- we lose 1-5 home against them

Saintoise (27) ---- we won 2-3 away against them

AETOS (26)

Monte Cintu (22) ---- we loose 1-3 home and won 0-5 away against them

Eelavar (21) ---- we won 3-1 home against them

Brincalhoes (17) ---- one game to play ---- we won 3-4 away against them

Comoriens (16) ---- we won 0-2 away against them

Grande Vigie (16) ---- we drew 1-1 away against them

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Since our victory 9-2 against L'Amitié, we played again very week-end!

We first won two friendly games quite hardly, then we played the great game for the championship against the first in the table (Gretz SC), they were 50 fans with flames singing for us, but even if we scored first we finally loose due to our difficulties on fouls and corners (their 3 last goals came from free kicks and corner). But we have to say that the referee was quite bad, he let them scor from a free-kick whn the foul was from the forward and not from our defender, and he gives thm only 6 yellow cards whil they were destructing us!!!

Thn we played a last friendly game but with no serious, and the 2-0 became 3-5 and made me furious!!!Some of the players are loosing their place in the 11!!!

January 29

Friendly game

FC AETOS - NEW TEAM : 3-2 (1-1)

Visvikis (6

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Video of the game against GRETZ!

It's a 5 minutes summarize of this great game against the greek promoted team :gr: and the leader of the championship! We loose 4-3, and on the video you'll see the 7 goals :tup: , replays :tup: , best actions :tup: , best fights :box:

It's in three part, and you have to wait one hour between each download (it's free)

need also DivX 5.2.1

1st part

2nd part

3rd part

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well, ifyou have most recent codecs, you don't need anything.

Just download the video and then try it with your windows media player, if you can't see anything, then, download the divx codec 5.2.1 on www.download.com or on www.telecharger.net

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Hard game for us!!!

We play a good game, having the ball quite everytime but they were very good on head game and incredibly lucky in first half-time!

We need to work head game fastly, cause it's not the first time we have so many problems on that!!!


(16, 24, 41, 45, 85) - Arbutina (2) G.Giannitsakis (58) G.Anger (60)


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Greek Tragedy, 4 players (two families) had the sadness to loose a member of their families! This 4 players travel to Greece this week-end for the "kidia"

There's also a lot of injured players!

Players that Aetos will miss on Saturday are :

keeper Ioannidis

defenders C.Mavromatis, Chiarazzo

Midfielders G.Mavromatis, Vassiliou,

Forwards Papadopoulos, Kefalas

And Sissiaridis is also not sure to be ready to play this game!!!

We play again against ESPERANCE AULNAYSIENNE which is in our championship. We loose last week 5-3 against them, and also loose 0-1 home on first leg!

With all these players missing we are not favorite for this QUARTER TO FINAL game in the DISTRICT CUP (we are membre of the 93rd french district) who organize this cup between all members who participate in the Regional Championship (in France there's 22 Region, and 95 district, we play in the biggest Region, with district 75 - Paris - and districts 77, 78, 91, 92, 93, 94 and 95). There are 4 division (A, B, C and D in our Regional Championship) and we also play two Regional Cups (Mouminoux, the best one, and Saintot, for the teams eliminated in the first one before the phase of "16"), and every team of Regional championship plays also in his District Cup (based on what district of the Region he depends). Rgional Cup starts on "256" phase, and District Cup on "16" phase (generally) or "32" phase sometimes (when there's more engaged teams)

In 2002-2003, we finished 7th on D Division, and were eliminated on phase of the "128" in Mouminoux Cup (by a D Division 3-0) and "128" in Saintot Cup (by a B Division 2-0). We were not in the District Cup because we didn't suscribe on it

In 2003-2004, we won the D Division, and were eliminated on the phase of "128" in Mouminoux Cup (by a C Division 2-1), and "64" on Saintot Cup (by a D Division 3-1 after extra-time after having put out a C Division 3-2). We were not in the district Cup because we didn't suscribe on it

In 2004-2005, we are in the 5th place on C Division (6 daymatches before the end), and were eliminated on the phase of "64" on Mouminoux Cup (5-3 by a A Division, and that was honorific) and "64" on Saintot Cup (2-1 by a B Division).

In the District Cup, we are qualified on the phase of "8" and will play with lastyear winner (C Division Esperance Aulnaysienne who beats B Division Bay Lan Men on final with incredible score 5-0 on final game).

On saturday we will play home against ESPERANCE AULNAYSIENNE, who eliminates D Division (JS Noisy Londeau 0-5 away on first round). We won ASP GARNIER 7-0 home on first round).

AETOS FIRST ROUND (08/01/2005)

FC AETOS - ASP GARNIER : 7-0 (0-0)

G.Anger (47

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Aetos is qualified for the semi-final in the district cup after having beatten the holders 3-1!!!

Esperance Aulnaysienne had only 3 loss games this year (2 in the championship on 12 games, 1 in the regional cup in 6 games), all by 1 goal difference!!!

But Aetos did a splendid game and won 3-1! G.Giannitsakis succeed to score a hat-trcik, the first of his young career! The 17 years old striker take the lead in season best scorer with 18 goals (in front of G.Anger 17 goals).


G.Giannitsakis (12, 57, 60) - (76)












We scored fast by G.Giannitsakis after a fantastic long pass from S.Anger, and then we had only to wait for counter attacks! Before the end of first period, we had 3 or 4 big occasions to put a second game, but their keeper was fantastic!

Then Paparas, our keeper did two superb actions, saving us (45

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Congradulations from all of us in the forum (I am sure), and from me

Besides feeling two times as good knowing that you guys fly our flag high, I feel good for you guys as a former member of a team knowing the effort it takes to overcome your own abilities and achieve any kind of sucess in competition.


Kai s' anwtera! :tup:

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woooow, that's a strong level! :tup: Vouliagmeni is one of the best greek teams with Olympiakos, Ethnikos etc. (this year, i think Panionios is doing a incredible season)! :gr:

Good for you! I wish i was playing in the same level :(

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On saturday, we play for the 13th day match on Regional C championship

Our opponent is the SAINTOISE DU BOURGET!

It's the fourth time we play against them!

On 2002/2003, we were both on Regional D, we drew 2-2 home, before losing 5-2 away. They finished on the 2nd play and get on Regional C, we finihed 7th

On 2003/2004, we were on Regional C (and we won the championship), they were on Regional C and finished 4th

This year, we are both on regional C and we won them away 2-3 on first leg. They are 3rd on the championship (7/2/3, 28-17) and we are 5th (5/1/6, 26-27).


Saintoise/Aetos on championship

2002-2003 : 2nd de Reg D (11/5/2, 54-26), 7th on Reg D (6/2/10, 35-60)

2003-2004 : 4th de Reg C (7/3/6, 32-26), 1st on Reg D (14/3/3, 86-29)

2004-2005 : 3rd Reg C (7/2/3, 28-17), 5th on Reg C (5/1/6, 26-27)

Saintoise/Aetos on Regional Cup Mouminoux

2002-2003 : round of "32" / round of "128"

2003-2004 : round of "8" / round of "128"

2004-2005 : round of "256" / round of "64"

Saintoise/Aetos on Regional Cup Saintot

2002-2003 : round of "4" / round of "128"

2003-2004 : not played cause still qualified on Mouminoux / round of "64"

2004-2005 : round of "128" / round of "64"


December 21, 2002


Touparlakis (26

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Good Luck

I didnt realise that you had such a good organisation and stats kept.

Neither did I realise that you had some foreign players in the squad.

Let me ask you something?

Whats the status in the French Lower leagues ? In the pre-Bossman rulling era would it be totally impossible for the squad to have so many Greeks ?

Would they be considered foreigners?

(Of course I understand the fact that you guys may have a majority of French Citizens of Greek Descent)

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Well, you can say that there's 6 category of players :

-The greeks

-The greeks with french nationality

-The greeks with french name and french nationality

- The frenches

- the foreign players with french nationality

- the foreign players with their nationality

On our 27 players of 2004/2005 roster, we have

a) 5 greek players

Giorgos Giannitsakis

Christos Ioannidis

Alexandros Nikiforidis

Stavros Vakeroudis

Thanassis Vassiliou

B) 13 greek players with french nationality

Alexandros Bantimaroudis

Vaggelis Detsis

Théo Giannitsakis

Teddy Kefalas

Giorgos Koulouris

Christos Mavromatis

Ioannis Mavromatis

Nikos Palatsidis (join us on winter mercato)

Giorgos Papadopoulos

Kostas Paparas

Tassos Sissiaridis

Vassilis Soliotopoulos (leaves us on winter mercato)

Orfeas Visvikis

c) 2 greek players (from their grand father) with french name

Arnaud Menissier

Nicolas Menissier

d) 5 french players

Gael Anger

Solen Anger

Nicolas Baudoin

Laurent Chiarazzo

Ludovic Cornic (join us on winter mercato)

e) 2 foreign players with french nationality)

Vadim Arbutina (Serbia)

Richard Rodas (Portugal)

f) 0 foreign players with their nationality


As you can see, we have 22 players with french nationality and only 5 players from "European Union"

We are allowed to play with every player from "Europe" we want. So no prob, even with 27 greek greeks on the team it would be possible to play. Also, we are amateur, so we don't have a salary. What means that we are like an association with no goal to reach money! In France, it's possible to play like that without being concerned by commercial rules! During the 70's Aetos was full of 40 greek greek players, and it was not a problem!

Now, if we grow up and become a pofessional team, we will have the same rules that you know for french and european competitions, but it's not a problem for greeks, cause we are from Europe!

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