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A Greek Team in Paris

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Le Samedi 9 Octobre 2004 a 17h15


Terrain :


36 rue des docteurs dejerine

75020 PARIS

Metro : Porte de Montreuil



This week we play against the 2nd of the championship (1st ex-aeco). We are 5th, 1 point behind cause the championship is a real thriller :

After 3 games

1. Gretz SC 10 points (8-4 goals)

2. Eelavar CS 10 points (6-2 goals)

3. Monte Cintu 9 points (11-8 goals)

4. Esperance Aulnaysienne 9 points (7-4 goals)

5. FC Aetos 9 points (5-3 goals)

6. Grande Vigie 6 points (3-6 goals)

7. Saintoise Bourget 3 points (3-4 goals)

8. Brincalhoes 3 points (2-11 goals)

9. Stains ES Foot 2 points (0-0 goals)

10. Comoriens RP 2 points (3-6 goals)

All teams have played 3 games except Saintoise Bourget and Comoriens (2 games) and Stains (1 game).

The results since now of our opponent :




Our results since now :




If we win, we pass them!

Their Captain played 10 years in FC AETOS (1992-2002). He will be honoured and will received a trophy with his name before the game!

For an other time, we really need you, parisian people to come an support us in our stadium (free entrance).

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Who can stop us???

I really don't know!

as a promoted team, we beat the best defense of the 3 first daymatches!

FC AETOS - EELAVAR CS : 3-1 (2-0)

17' G.Anger gives the ball to T. Giannitsakis which find his brother in the heart of defense. G.Giannitsakis scores with the left foot (1-0)

27' Fantactic action of Chiarazzo who crosses in front of the goal. T.Giannitsakis scores from 3 meters butthe referee don't count the goal, because he thinks the ball was out before the cross (he was wrong)

45' G.Anger dribbles inside of the penalty area! Fault and Penalty! G.Angr scors himself (2-0)

61' Fantastic shoot from 30 meters by N.Ménissier with his left foot, just down of the horizontal post (3-0)

70' Big mistake of the greek keeper, after a corner shoot (3-1).

82' Incredible left shoot of G.Giannitsakis on the horizontal post

90' G.Anger wins again a penalty, but the referee end the game on this action.

After 4 games in championship

3w 0d 1l (goals : 8-4)

We are definitely unstoppable!

Next game for the championship in two weeks, on a very hard stadium at Gretz (we have 3 games loss with them in our history)

Next week we play away in cup against a team who plays one division down (we played them last year in the championship we won, 2-2 home, win 2-1 away).

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not much unfortunatly! we're happy with 10-15 persons!

I remember when i start to play in aetos, in 1998, that was the rule!When we won the cup, they were 150 persons for the final, and some championship games were played in front of 80 persons!

But, know, some fights between the old players and the director's comity, and the greek community made us ALONE!!!

That's sad, cause, we have one of the best team ever! last year we won a championship and a cup, and know, as promoted, just look at the table after 4 rounds (even if we lost our best player during th mercato) :

Posted Image

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But, know, some fights between the old players and the director's comity, and the greek community made us ALONE!!!

It seems there is ALWAYS one relevant sad story about each and every Greek Comunity of every sort out there!

I know it human nature... but I think we Greeks tend to exagerate at it! :(

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The greek team of Paris is still in a good way!

Today we played the 1/32 of finalin the Regional Cup Mouminoux!

The game took place in our stadium, against a team which was our opponent last year in the championship (one division behind us, now, cause they finished 6th and didn't get the promotion as us). Last year, we did 2-2 in our field, and won 2-1 away!

It was a really hard game! They scored after 17 minutes (after a corner), had a shoot on post, and put a stupid goal after 38th minutes! During this time, the referee didn't gives us a 100% penalty on G.Anger (it was an occasion to do the 1-1).

During the second half, we were very better! We first score by G.Giannitsakis after a corner shoot by Visvikis (56

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Posted Image



G.Anger (59) Visvikis (90)


(1, 73) - T.Giannitsakis (38) G.Anger (78) Arbutina (82)




G.Giannitsakis (17

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It was no football, it was kick-boxing :box:

We lose yesterday with 2-0 (43, 83) after having scored twice (before they score), but the referee was so bad...

He didn't count our goals (no problem, he can do mistakes), but he didn't protect us against the killers we were playing with! The result : one player injured for two weeks, the other for lot of monthes!

I had to do my best to stop my players who wanted to kick their ass, because i didn't want any suspension for our team!

We had a revenge in 4 monthes in our stadium : we promise it will be like HELL

GRETZ SC - FC AETOS : 2-0 (1-0)


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Guest Aetosman

Hello everybody,

Exactly coach, it was not a football game.

For us the football is a game with friends not a war :tdown: :tdown:

I hope i'll be back quickly for another great times with the eagle.

:gr: :gr:

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yaaah! hello!

Aetosman is also an injured player of aetos (leftback he is playing.. well he tries :P )!

What we promised fro them at our home is VENGENCE!

The player in the picture is the one who was transportes at the hospital after being injured badly, he is very important in our defensive system, and i'm a little bit afraid about that!

Posted Image

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Hi guys, I'm back with my real identity.

I can't play saturday because i'm injury (yes it's me on the picture), but i'll come to see the match if i can drive.

Ok see you later, have a nice day..

Forza Eagle, Aetos is magic :gr: :gr: :gr: :gr: :gr: :gr:

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Bad injured, we will miss one of our most important players for at least 2 monthes :unsure:

So you all don't expect fantastic results for us, during next weeks!

Tomorrow, we're playing home against a terrible team, Stains!

They have played only three games this year (two others will be played later)

GRETZ - STAINS : 0-0 (there we were beatten last week 2-0)

STAINS - AULNAY : 0-0 (Aulnay beats us home 0-1 before a month)


So you can see that Stains hasn't let anybody score against them!

We will play despite the lack of 4 players ofthe traditional eleven! and 2 other players will play in an other place than the normal one! I hope we will take a draw at least, but even that will be hard!

Notice our results against them the two last seasons :


Stains (5th in championship 10w 2d 6l)

Aetos (7th in championship 6w 2d 10l)

AETOS - STAINS : Aetos winner without game (Stains never went at our stadium)



Aetos (1st in championship 14w 3d 3l)

Stains (2nd in championship 13w 5d 2l)



For who wants to see us :

Game start 17h30

Stadium DEJERINE, 36 rue des Docteurs Déjerine 75020 Paris (Metro : Porte de Montreuil)

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After 45 minutes, the score was 0-0. The referee didn't give us a penalty (it happened three games in a row :angry: )

To be honest, the first half was a good training for Stains, who shoots a lot from away, and had 3-4 great occasions!

In second half, we didn't play well at all. they put 2 goals. So we made our 4-4-2 a 3-5-2 and after a 3-4-3, trying to come back in the game!

We had severals possibilities, butthey had a lot of counter-attacks, shooting twice on the post and scoring three other goals! T.Giannitsakis put one goal between 4th and 5th!


This is our worst lost game home in our history

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Very bad saturday for Aetos.

Hard game versus a very good team, who can play for the title.

Happily our Goal Kepper played a great performance ,ifnot ... aie aie

Next game in two weeks, important game for our objectiv : Stay in this division.

Bye a+

Forza eagle :gr: :gr: :gr: :gr: :gr:

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Thanx a lot!

Today we won in a friendly game away against a team from one division below (we played them in january also in friendly game and lose 3-2, then we were in the same division).

Thos time we take our revenge, get a good training before the very important game next week (against one team which, as us, try to stay in this division)!

SPONTINI FC - FC AETOS : 0-5 (0-0)

Papadopoulos (50) G.Giannitsakis (71) Visvikis (77, 83) T.Giannitsakis (82)

0-1 Chiarazzo plays left for G.Anger who cross in front of the penalty area. There Papadopoulos shoots in the middle of the goal between keeper and a back

0-2 Magnificient lob from 25 meters by G.Giannitsakis after a Chiarazzo pass

0-3 G.Anger do the throw in for Visvikis which is in the penalty area, in the right! After a control with th chest, he shoots violently pivoting himself right in the opposite side of the goal! Fantastic!!!

0-4 collective action Soliotopoulos/G.Giannitsakis/T.Giannitsakis. Last one shoots on the right side of the goal

0-5 G.Anger pass for Visvikis who control the ball giving a rebound on it, and shoots from 24 meters just below the horizontal post

V.Detsis had also a shoot on left post (58)

Nice to see Aetos better than sad last week!

On 13/11 we had an important match against corsian team Monte Contu, home at 17:30 in Stade Déjerine! We wait for your help!

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Third lost game in a row for the championship against a very very bad team! But we started the game 0-4 and not 0-0, because the referee didn't gives us 4 penalties (incredible but truth) : twice for tacklings, twice for a hand stopping the ball on the goal line! A referee can do mistakes, it's normal! But if he does so much, it means that he has to find something else to do on saturday afternoons!

Without a so strange referee, the score would be 6-2 maybe for us! This is a game won, for us! We were bad in the beginning, and our keeper did some mistakes! the result is 0-2 after 22 minutes!

Then we finally start to play, Papadopoulos scores after 29 minutes, G.Mavromatis had a head shoot out of the post (34) and finally, the referee didn't gives us a penlty+red card for a tackling by behind on G.Anger, in the penalty area.

1-2 at half time

During the second half we were constantly in their area! Vassiliou had a head shoot stopped by hand on the line! No penalty!!! no red card!

G.Giannitsakis had a shoot, well stopped by keeper!

Papadopoulos tackled in the penalty area! No penalty again!

New head shoot, from Vassiliou, new hand on the line (butthis time, ball had also cross the line). No goal! No penalty! No red card!

Was this game a sketch??? was this referee send by Satan? was he a clown dressed in a referee? I don't know, what is sure, is that he was not made for football!!!

Finally he gives us a penalty (on the 5th foul in area till the beginning of the game), but of course we lost it and didn't score the 2-2 (79th minute)

Papadopoulos had a great occasion three minutes later but shoots wide!

Then, they scored after a mistake of our keeper, who gives the ball to the forward!!!

Everything was wrong in this game!

Monte Cintu has 5 occasions on game, and won 3-1!!! a magic picture!

anyway, we had to play better, but what can we do with such referee!

let's help that in all the championship now, the better will win everytime!


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27/11/2004, 1/16 final CUP MOUMINOUX


(18, 69) - G.Anger (65pen)

Against the 2nd of DHR Championship (one division better than us), we played a very hard game and loose the extra-time for 5 cms : T.Giannitsakis shoot on horizontal post (88

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